Casa Security

Control Every Device from Your Phone Using the Casa Security App

Casa Security systems are now at your fingertips in Perth, with a full array of our equipment showcased in our Showroom. Not only can we flaunt the exceptional features of the system, but we can also introduce you to Australia’s most progressive security alarm app.

Assess signal & battery strength, toggle sensitivity on movement and shock detectors, alter entry and exit times, and access user manuals for each apparatus, among other functions. Exercise comprehensive control whether you’re at home, at work, or elsewhere. Own PETS? Effortlessly modify the decibel level and siren duration via the app, which even provides temperature readings for every connected apparatus.

Opt for the European designed and crafted Casa Security system, available in Black, White, or a combination to complement your décor. Admire the sleek, high-end appearance, unlike any other security system you have seen before.

Keen on tailoring your home automation? Achieve it with the Casa Security App. Explore the Leaks Protect, a wireless flood detector that activates upon water contact at any of its four contact points, an ideal feature for permanent or long-term away locations.

Control Panels

Admire the graceful Hub, your comprehensive control panel for the new security system. The Hub adroitly manages all Casa wireless devices, handles security modes, and alerts you and other app users of potential threats, with an option for monitoring through our Perth 24-hour control room via internet or a dedicated 4G SIM card. Conveniently position the Hub anywhere within your premises.

Battery Life & Communication

Expect over four years of operational battery life. The intelligent sensor technology conserves battery by sleeping when unarmed and operates on one of Australia’s highest radio frequencies, ensuring top performance in challenging situations with encrypted, authenticated, and polled two-way wireless protocol for real-time device status display.

Motion Detectors

Casa’s wireless motion sensors promptly detect intruders, ensuring outdoor and indoor security with PET immunity. The detectors analyze the human body’s thermal radiation, ensuring accurate detection and immediate alarm activation. Opt for the motionCam detector with an integrated camera for instant intruder images within nine seconds.

Perimeter Detectors

Ensure preemptive security with Casa’s wireless motion sensors detecting intruders externally while you relax indoors. Window shock/vibration sensors analyze and set off alarms, promptly notifying your app and activating your phone’s siren mode.

Wireless Touch Keypad options

Though the app eliminates the need for a conventional keypad, installation is available upon request. Anticipate our forthcoming stock to be an enhanced European design.