A Quick Guide to Home Security Essentials

According to a report from the Western Australia Police Force, burglary, theft, arson, and other similar crimes (referred to as crimes against property) remain the most common form of crime recorded throughout the state, with about 160,000 such crimes recorded over...

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How to Secure Your Commercial Business Premises

In today’s world, many establishments are vulnerable to a number of security issues, some of which are digital in nature. But one of the primary concerns most business owners face is physically securing their premises. It has always been a major challenge to provide...

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A Guide to Choosing Your Workplace CCTV System

Unless your business operations are completely decentralised and have no physical office, warehouse, or retail space, businesses of all sizes, structures, and industries will find some benefit from the installation of a video surveillance system. These systems,...

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The Benefits of a Workplace Access Control System

Besides performance output, financial stability, and the bottom line, security remains the top priority for businesses in any industry. This is especially true as nowadays, thieves are becoming ever more clever and sophisticated, acquiring new tools and developing new...

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A Handy Guide on Security Camera Installation

You have DIYed your way through life. Your home is the proof that anything is possible if you only have the knowledge, the right attitude, and the right set of tools. You've been thinking about installing security cameras at home on your own so you can protect your...

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Introducing the New Bosch G-Series

The new Bosch G-Series is the company’s most powerful control panel yet. This integrated alarm solution is perfect for large-scale commercial security systems and is approved for combined UL commercial and intrusion and fire applications. If that wasn’t already...

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