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VIP Vision NVR Tutorial: Overview of the Main Menu

In this video, we’ll be going over the Main Menu system of the VIP Vision NVR8PRO6 Video Recorder User Interface. The menu system is relatively easy to navigate and consists of three sections, namely the Operation, the Info, and the Settings sections.

The Operation section has four subsections with the first one being the ‘Search’ where you can locate footage on a given date and time. The second section is called ‘Smart Play’ and is used to retrieve footage from a specific scenario (i.e. when the system detects an intrusion). The third section is the ‘Backup’ and is used to retrieve and backup footage that you’ve located with the Search function. The fourth and final section is the ‘Shut Down’ tab and this simply turns off the recorder.

Now to the VIP Vision NVR8PRO6 Video Recorder’s Info section. This provides you with everything you need to know about the device’s system, log, events, and network. You can also find information about the network settings, resolution, temperature, hard disk info, bits-per-second, and more. Any info you need regarding the VIP Vision NVR8PRO6 Video Recorder can be found in the Info section.

The last section we’ll take a look at is the Settings section. If you need to adjust, modify, or delete footage, you will need to access the Settings. Here, you can change the camera and network settings to control a specific action during an event (such as when an alarm is triggered or when an error occurs on the hard disk). If you want to configure or override your hard disk, you can do so by accessing the ‘Storage’ subsection. You’ll also find the ‘System’ subsection which allows you to modify display settings, change the date and time, and more.

You can also perform firmware upgrades via the ‘System’ subsection. Firmware upgrades are very important as it brings alterations to the program for it to operate efficiently and fix any bugs for improved security. As you can see, the VIP Vision NVR8PRO6 Video Recorder’s Main Menu system is pretty straightforward and you’ll have very few troubles finding the things that you need. 

With the overview of the Main Menu now complete, the next step is to explore the VIP Vision NVR8PRO6 Video Recorder’s user interface which we’ll explain in the next video.