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Camera Settings Configurations on the VIP Vision NVR8PRO6 Video Recorder

To get the most out of your VIP Vision NVR8PRO6 Video Recorder, you’ll need to know how to configure its settings. Once you go to the Settings section, you’ll find a camera icon to where you adjust the settings based on four different subsections which are:

  • Remote

  • Image

  • Encode

  • Cam Name

The first subsection is called ‘Remote’ and it lets you view and modify the settings of all cameras connected to the device. You can also check the types of cameras hooked up, the POE ports they’re connected to, their device names, and their MAC and IP addresses. You can use the Remote section to search for devices, add, delete, or view a particular camera’s status.

To check if a camera connected to the VIP Vision NVR8PRO6 Video Recorder is working properly, just click on the Status tab. Devices with a green icon next to them mean that the camera is working fine while a red icon suggests that there’s an issue that needs to be fixed. Sometimes a quick firmware update is all you need to get the cameras up and running again.

The next subsection is ‘Image’ and this is where you can change the behaviour of the camera’s sensor. Things such as saturation, brightness, contrast, and more can be adjusted to the exact look you want as well as the day and night settings with the option of flipping/mirroring an image.

The ‘Encode’ subsection, on the other hand, is where you can adjust the camera’s frame rate, bit rate type, resolution, compression, and more. This subsection also allows users to modify text or add an overlay to the screen. Simply click on the Overlay section to add details such as the time or channel number to the channel’s screen.

The last subsection, but certainly not the least, is the Snapshot. This allows the user to take snapshots and adjust the size, quality, and interval of each snapshot. If you so choose, you can also change the camera name anytime via the Cam Name section. And that’s pretty much it for configuring the camera settings on the VIP Vision NVR8PRO6 Video Recorder. Taking the time to adjust these settings can help you use the cameras hooked up to your device to full effect so make sure go over each subsection to make the necessary changes.