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How to Convert DAV file into Standard File Format


If you’re exporting videos from your VIP Vision NVR8PRO6 Video Recorder, you’ll notice that the videos are in a DAV file format. A DAV file is different from your standard .AVI/MP4 formats because it contains not just the audio and video information, but also motion detection info, intelligent video search (IVS), surveillance information, and more. Typically, you’ll need a dedicated video player that supports DAV playback in order to view these files. So, why do you need to convert DAV files into standard file formats? What this does is allow you to playback the exported videos using your own software which is great for accessibility purposes.


The good news is that converting DAV files into a standard file format like .AVI/MP4 is a quick and easy process. Follow the steps below to convert DAV files with ease.

  • Download the Smart Player video player.

  • Launch Smart Player and click the ‘Add Files’ button.

  • Select the DAV file you want to convert.

  • Click the ‘Export’ button after choosing the file.

  • Check the box next to the DAV file near the ‘Export’ menu.

  • Choose the file formate you wish to convert the DAV file into.

  • Click the ‘Begin Export’ button.

  • Select a destination for the converted file to be saved.

  • Wait for the conversion to finish and you’re all set.