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11 Easy Ways To Secure Your New Home

Setting up security measures all-around your home is not as interesting as decorating. However, intruders can come at any moment. This situation makes it urgent that you prioritize your home security.

Once you are done ensuring your safety, you can go back to the fun tasks. To help you out, here are 11 easy ways you should do immediately to secure your new home.

  1. Secure Your Doors

Some burglars stroll right into your home through the front door. To prevent this from happening, your priority should be to inspect and secure all your doors.

Inspect to make sure that your external doors and door frames are strong and the hinges are hidden and protected. You should also check if an intruder can reach your doorknob through the mail slot.

If you are moving into a place someone lived in before, it would be best to replace all the locks. That way, you can rest assured that you are the only person with a copy of your keys.

You should consider adding a strike plate, deadbolts, or upgrading to smart locks for extra security. If you have sliding doors, it would help to reinforce them with window bars or protect them with a door sensor.

Locking Window

  1. Lock Your Windows

Windows are a common entry point for intruders and criminals. What’s worse is that the previous homeowners might leave these entry points unlocked, allowing robbers to jump in.

It would be best to double-check your windows and make sure they are securely locked once you move in. If you want added security, consider reinforcing the glass with window security film, adding window bars, and adding sensors.

  1. Set Up A Security System

Setting up a home security system is necessary to keep you and your family safe. However, you must first find out the safety concerns of your area.

You can ask your local police station for the most common crimes, but you can also immediately install systems such as smart home security options, and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

  1. Light Up The Area

Robbers, vandals, and intruders dislike well-lit areas. As such, you can keep them away with sufficient outdoor lighting around your home, front yard, back yard, and along pathways.

To make them more effective, you can switch to motion-activated, solar-powered lights. You can also set these lights to operate at a certain time by using smart light bulbs.

  1. Secure Your Garage

Even if your home is protected and inaccessible, burglars may still be satisfied with the materials you have in your garage. As such, it would be best to lock all doors and entryways in your garage and fortify its security.

You can add extra security to your garage by installing additional locks and covering the windows to block an intruder’s view. You can also install driveway alarms and locks that use security codes.

  1. Protect Your Wi-Fi Network

Although often thought of as secure, your Wi-Fi network can serve as an entryway to skilled intruders. If your Wi-Fi is connected to smart home technology, a talented hacker can get direct access to everything in your home.

To prevent this, it would be best to secure your routers, hiding your network, using a firewall and antivirus programs, and enabling Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA or WPA2) encryption.

  1. Eliminate Hiding Places

Trees, bushes, and shrubs are beautiful but can serve as a nifty hiding place for intruders. It would be best to trim them down or replace them with smaller flowers to prevent creating hiding spots, or reinforce the windows next to the plants.

Aside from eliminating hiding places, it would help if you put ladders, stools, and expensive items away from open areas.

Installing Cameras

  1. Install Security Cameras

Security cameras are incredible ways to deter burglars and porch pirates. Aside from being a deterrent, these cameras serve to identify intruders and help police catch them.

To maximize your camera’s effectiveness, make sure to protect it from hacking, physical manipulation, and the weather. It would also help if you installed motion detectors and night vision capabilities on your camera.

  1. Get A Safe

Sometimes, intruders can still get through your home security strategies. As an added line of defence, keep your valuables inside an in-home safe. Your safe should be fire-resistant, impact-resistant, waterproof, and heavy enough to avoid being carried.

  1. Use Home Automation

Using home automation is an effective way to fortify your house. Using smart home gadgets, you can have remote access to your alarms, cameras, lights, and locks and get updates on any suspicious activity. You can also smart home gadgets to schedule your lights and TV to give the impression that you are at home despite being on vacation.

  1. Protect Against House Fires

Fire is arguably worse than a burglar since a fire leaves nothing behind. With that in mind, it would be best to protect your home from sudden fires.

To prevent fires, it would help to check your fire and carbon monoxide alarms, install new detectors, purchase fire extinguishers, and create fire exit plans just in case.

Protect Your Home With Us

Protecting your new home does not have to be an arduous task. By identifying the strategies that will help you and following 11 simple methods, you can keep your home safe from all types of hazards and intruders.

With Casa Security, you can make your home even more secure by getting advice and services using the latest, top-of-the-line security systems. If you need help in security system installation, maintenance, and service, contact us today.