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Professional Alarm Monitoring: Is it Worth It?

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If you have a security system installed in your home, chances are you’ve heard of professional alarm monitoring. What exactly is it? Are there any advantages to using a professionally monitored security system? These are just some of the questions many homeowners ask when considering an alarm monitoring service. This article will go over everything … Read more

What You Need to Know Pet Friendly Alarms?

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So you’ve installed an alarm system in your home and it worked flawlessly for the first few days. But one night, the alarm sounds off. You jump out of your bed frantically to check on the situation, only to discover that your pet dog Fido has triggered a motion sensor. False alarms not only cause … Read more

Motion Detectors vs. Window Sensors: What’s the Difference?

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The majority of security systems today incorporate both motion detectors and window sensors as part of the overall package. These devices play an important role in securing your property and it’s crucial that you understand how they work to ensure they function properly. For homeowners who are relatively new to security systems, motion detectors and … Read more