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The Importance of CCTV Cameras in Public and Private Security

Whether you reside in a first-world or third-world country, you will notice that the number of security cameras in both private and public spaces increased dramatically in the last several years. These surveillance systems have become indispensable in any security management protocol. Not only do these CCTV cameras provide visual, recorded proof of crimes and … Read more

11 Easy Ways To Secure Your New Home

Setting up security measures all-around your home is not as interesting as decorating. However, intruders can come at any moment. This situation makes it urgent that you prioritize your home security. Once you are done ensuring your safety, you can go back to the fun tasks. To help you out, here are 11 easy ways … Read more

12 Key Elements To Consider When Selecting A CCTV Surveillance System

Installing surveillance cameras in your home is a wise decision for various reasons, including deterring crime, offering solid evidence in court, lowering insurance costs, and more. Technology developments have resulted in significant improvements in video camera quality, recording capabilities, and, most crucially, cost. Furthermore, now that numerous types of surveillance cameras are available, you need … Read more

Signs That Indicate Your Alarm System Needs Replacing


Many homeowners nowadays consider an alarm system as an essential part of their properties and for good reason. It reduces the risk of burglary, keeps their family members safe, and creates a strong sense of security inside the home. But if you’ve had your alarm system installed for years, then you may want to look … Read more

Sure-fire Ways to Minimise Your Risk of a Break-In!

burglar in dark room flicking light switch

Getting your house broken into can leave you with a horrible feeling- it hits you in your most vulnerable place. You can be left worrying for months, even years afterwards always wondering if or when it will happen again. In the decade between 2003-2013, burglaries and home invasions decreased by a factor of nearly 50%, … Read more

5 Monitoring & Surveillance Tips to Put Your Mind at Ease.

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Home surveillance is a booming industry worth in 2017 approximately 4.4billion dollars in Australia. The ubiquity of surveillance systems has come around largely due to the increased affordability of quality home security systems available on the market, allowing more and more people to be able to equip their homes with cameras and other equipment to … Read more

Introducing the New Bosch G-Series

CCTV Security Camera

The new Bosch G-Series is the company’s most powerful control panel yet. This integrated alarm solution is perfect for large-scale commercial security systems and is approved for combined UL commercial and intrusion and fire applications. If that wasn’t already enough, it also features integrated control of up to 32 doors with as many as 2,000 … Read more

How Important Are Alarm Monitoring Services?

An alarm system without alarm monitoring is like having a dog collar with no name tag and contact details. The alarm might go off, but who’s going to respond to the alarm if you’re not home? Here, we look at how alarm monitoring works and why it’s so important. What is Alarm Monitoring? Alarm monitoring … Read more