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Effectiveness of Installing CCTV Cameras in Crime Prevention

In general, cameras help keep you and your possessions safe at all times. Not only that, but these devices can also serve as a blanket of protection for your loved ones.    Furthermore, CCTV cameras can become valuable in a neighbourhood known to have high crime rates. Other than that, installing closed-circuit television cameras on … Read more

Repairing vs. Replacing a Security Camera

A home security camera is a camera that records video of your home and property. There is evidence to show that security cameras can be used to actively prevent criminal opportunists from engaging in unlawful activity. Therefore, whether you choose to install wired or wireless security cameras, one of the most significant advantages of security … Read more

The Comprehensive Guide To Choosing The Best CCTV System

Over two million robberies are reported in the US yearly, resulting in $4.6 billion in lost property. However, with a reliable CCTV system, you can protect both your property and family.  Closed Circuit Television video surveillance systems can deter and prevent crimes. They also provide evidence against intruders.  Your Primary Line Of Defense A reliable … Read more

Three Surveillance Video Success Stories

In recent times, video surveillance has become an essential aspect of public safety. In particular, it has become how public safety officials respond to and even prevent crimes from occurring.  Many cities and communities are joining the bandwagon by installing various forms of video surveillance solutions and wireless mesh networks to protect the citizens and … Read more

The Importance of CCTV Cameras in Public and Private Security

Whether you reside in a first-world or third-world country, you will notice that the number of security cameras in both private and public spaces increased dramatically in the last several years. These surveillance systems have become indispensable in any security management protocol. Not only do these CCTV cameras provide visual, recorded proof of crimes and … Read more

11 Easy Ways To Secure Your New Home

Setting up security measures all-around your home is not as interesting as decorating. However, intruders can come at any moment. This situation makes it urgent that you prioritize your home security. Once you are done ensuring your safety, you can go back to the fun tasks. To help you out, here are 11 easy ways … Read more

12 Key Elements To Consider When Selecting A CCTV Surveillance System

Installing surveillance cameras in your home is a wise decision for various reasons, including deterring crime, offering solid evidence in court, lowering insurance costs, and more. Technology developments have resulted in significant improvements in video camera quality, recording capabilities, and, most crucially, cost. Furthermore, now that numerous types of surveillance cameras are available, you need … Read more

The Ultimate Guide On How To Choose The Most Effective CCTV Surveillance System

What is a CCTV camera? Cameras and monitors allow you to see live events and save footage. Closed-circuit television, or CCTV, is a surveillance system that will enable you to monitor what’s going on in and around your property. These devices were initially designed for Germans to observe the launching of the V2 rockets. Nowadays, … Read more