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How to Prevent Pets from Triggering Your Motion Detectors

Pet Friendly Motion Detector

How to Prevent Pets from Triggering Your Motion Detectors Motion detectors are an integral part of any pet friendly home security system. Their role is to detect movement and activate the alarm if a burglar were to pass through them. High-quality motion detectors will have no problems executing this task, but the problem is that … Read more

How Often to Inspect Your Security System

Security System

Most people think that security systems are a set-it-and-forget-it type of system. While it’s easy to neglect your security system after installation, inspecting on a regular basis ensures that there are zero gaps in your home security. From checking the batteries to inspecting the condition of the wiring, security systems need the occasional testing and … Read more

Night Vision on Security Cameras Explained

Night Vision on Security Cameras

Security cameras are a staple in every security system as it’s one of the easiest and most practical ways for home or business monitoring. Smart home enthusiasts love security cameras especially now that many devices come with AI integration and improved night vision. One of the main questions surrounding security cameras is whether or not … Read more