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The Role of Lighting in Deterring Home Security Threats

With crimes such as burglaries and home invasions always a threat to homeowners in Australia, adding levels of home security to deter criminals is always a wise course of action. High fences, CCTV cameras and alarm systems certainly play important roles, but one of the biggest deterrents to burglars is lighting. Do lights deter burglars? … Read more

5 must-have business security systems

You have spent a considerable amount of time and effort building up your business to get where it is today and you must protect your business and assets the best you can, and this includes investing in the best business security systems. Protecting your stock, hardware and other assets should be your main priority, a … Read more

Why Does My Security Camera Keep Going Offline?

Suppose you possess a security camera for your business or residence. In that case, you are aware that there is always a potential that it will go offline at specific points throughout its lifespan. Even if a security camera goes offline, it automatically reconnects as quickly as feasible. Due to the possibility of your security … Read more

Do Home Security Systems Deter Burglars?

A home security system provides safety for your family and possessions as well as peace of mind. One of the first questions that may cross your mind if you’re thinking about installing a home security system is whether or not they actually prevent criminal activity. Fortunately for us, the statistics of this current age suggest … Read more

How Does the Police Respond to Burglar Alarms?

According to research, 60 per cent of burglars will avoid properties with a built-in security system. However, your risk of being burglarised increases by 300 per cent if you don’t have one. The motion sensors, door/window sensors, and other components of your security system will monitor all the activity surrounding your house, and your control … Read more

How Does a Burglar Alarm Work?

Burglar alarms have been around for decades and are one of the most common ways to protect your home from theft. But how do these devices work? And more importantly, do they actually deter burglars?  Burglar alarms come in all shapes and sizes, but all work in fundamentally the same way. When a sensor is … Read more

5 Home Security Dos and Don’ts for Apartment Dwellers

According to the National Crime Prevention Council, apartments are 85 per cent more likely to be burglarised than single-family homes or rental properties. Since you can’t expect your landlord to give you the highest level of apartment security, it is a responsibility every homeowner should prioritise when moving into their new apartment. In this article, … Read more