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How to Deter Burglars With These 5 Tips

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Getting your home ransacked by burglars is one of the most stressful things a homeowner can experience. According to Budget Direct, around 225,900 burglaries were recorded in Australia in 2017. This statistic has prompted many homeowners to fortify their home security in an effort to combat break-ins and unlawful entry. There are a couple of … Read more

Security Systems Explained: What is It and How Does it Work?

Security System Operator Looking At CCTV Footage and monitoring alarms in our control room in Perth.

Have you ever wondered how security systems work? How can a network of devices protect your home from the likes of burglars and criminals? Almost all security systems operate on the same principle of securing entry/exit points from forced entry. This goes for residential properties, business establishments, and other places where valuables are stored. If … Read more

How to Hide Your CCTV Cameras Indoors and Outdoors

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CCTV cameras are a staple in any security system and its presence alone can deter most burglars and thieves. As homeowners look for ways on how to fortify their home security, some choose to keep their CCTV cameras hidden. Whether or not hiding your security cameras is a good idea, there are actually reasonable benefits … Read more