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4 Home Security Tips that Every Homeowner Should Know


The importance of home security cannot be overstated. A home is a place where you and your loved ones can live happily and peacefully and in order to achieve this, you have to have the right security measures in place. An intrusion or break-in can quickly rob the feeling of safety in your home and make your loved ones feel vulnerable and threatened. Fortunately, you can prevent these things from happening by improving your home security.

Here are 4 value-based tips that will make your home feel more secure from thieves and burglars.

Home Security Tips

  1. Use door and window bars

While it pays to have an advanced security system installed in your home, some of the most effective security measures are often the least technical. While it’s true that door and window sensors do a great job of detecting forced entry, one thing they don’t do is make it difficult for the burglar to force their way inside.

This is where door and window bars come in. A door security bar is a metal or wooden bar that brace the door from kicks and other means of forceful entry. The bar can be lifted easily to grant access which eliminates the safety risk during a fire incident. Door security bars are great for adding further protection to entry/exit points in your property without making it overly complicated.

Window bars, on the other hand, are a set of metal bars that are installed on the outside of the window. Basically, they function as a barrier between the intruder and the window itself, thus preventing burglars from smashing the windows or breaking the locks. They also provide a visual obstruction when viewed from the outside, thus making it even more difficult for thieves to get an eye on your possessions.

  1. Take advantage of natural burglar deterrents

Optimizing your home security doesn’t just apply indoors. If you really want to deter criminals from breaking inside your property, you have to strengthen your outdoor security measures. This can be achieved by taking advantage of natural burglar deterrents like placing thorny plants underneath the windows. Cactuses, juniper plants, and even roses can pack a nasty surprise to unsuspecting burglars if they attempt to climb through a window.

You can also use loose gravel and stone as part of your landscaping to detect lurking thieves much easier. Loose gravel tends to be quite noisy, even if the criminal tries to sneak around. Of course, all of these natural deterrents won’t work if you have tall bushes or trees that could serve as hiding spots for criminals. Make sure that your front yard is well-maintained and that your bushes are properly trimmed so that burglars don’t have many places to conceal themselves.

  1. Put security features in less conspicuous areas

Most homeowners follow a straightforward setup when installing home security features. One example is installing the entry keypad right next to the front door. From a logistical perspective, it does make sense; it’s convenient and it allows easy access when you enter and exit the door. However, it does make it a bit easier for intruders who want to gain access to your household as well.

Put your security features, such as cctv cameras, in areas where your activity cannot be viewed. Remember, burglars and thieves are very keen in observing their potential targets and the last thing you want is for them to figure out your pin code just by looking at your window. You can place it further down the hallway or in fewer conspicuous areas so that your pin code remains safe and secure. It’s also worth installing another keypad near your bedroom so you can activate the alarm quickly in case an intrusion happens in the middle of the night.

  1. Hide your valuables from plain view

Just like how you would protect your pin code, the same thing applies to your valuables. Avoid leaving things like jewellery, cash, credit cards, and your wallet near doors or windows. Always keep them in a safe, secure spot that’s hidden from plain sight to avoid drawing unwanted attention from thieves. We recommend investing a safe where you can confidently place your valuables as this will make it difficult for burglars to get their hands on them.

Don’t leave your bicycle, motorcycle, or car out of the garage. Criminals often look for easy things to steal and leaving your vehicles exposed is just asking for trouble. At the very least, your car should have a cover around it and your bicycle or motorcycle should be locked to deter thieves.

These four home security tips will go a long way towards making your home feel safer and more secure. Keep you and your family safe by keeping your guard up at all times.