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5 must-have business security systems

You have spent a considerable amount of time and effort building up your business to get where it is today and you must protect your business and assets the best you can, and this includes investing in the best business security systems. Protecting your stock, hardware and other assets should be your main priority, a break-in, even with full insurance cover, is not only demoralising it will also affect your productivity in the short term. Bearing this in mind, we have detailed 5 must have business security systems for your consideration. Of course, it may not be necessary to install all 5 systems, the list is simply intended to let you know what’s out there in the big wide world of business security systems.

1. Intruder Alarm System – It will come as no surprise to see the tried and tested intruder alarm coming in at the top of our list. The main USP of an intruder alarm is the deafening sound that most make when activated. With the newer systems featuring motion detection capabilities and even thermal technology, the intruder alarm system is one you absolutely must have. With sensors installed around doors and windows, this effective system is as relevant today as it has always been and is a regular fixture for commercial premises across Australia and indeed the world. If you engage with a professional security company, they will also have a wide range of monitored alarms for your business thus delivering a fully comprehensive business security solution. Another very important benefit that cannot go unmentioned is the deterrent factor that these systems offer, potential thieves will always select a commercial premises without an intruder alarm rather than with one!

2. CCTV Systems – If there is one business security system that strikes fear into criminals more than an intruder alarm, it’s a CCTV system. When used in conjunction with an intruder alarm the trusty CCTV system delivers a formidable barrier that only the very dumbest criminals would attempt to breach. Modern technology has transformed CCTV systems as a whole and the images and footage displayed via the feed are now virtually crystal clear. Weatherproof casings and remote monitoring from a smartphone, tablet or computer complete the benefits that this 21st-century business security system has to offer.

3. Fire Detection Systems – Although not generally thought of as a business security system as such, the importance of a fully operational fire detection system should be at or near the top of any business owner’s security checklist. Although the chances of a devastating fire breaking out at your premises may be statistically minute, it could happen and if it does, you’ll be glad you had a detection system in place.

4. Door Access Control – As the technology increases within the security industry, one thing is certain and that is that criminals will keep on trying to find a weak spot and breach your system. Modern door access control systems offer an additional layer of security that simply can’t be matched even with the most modern of locks. One of the leaders in access control systems is Bosch, whose integrated system offers multiple access points and can be installed across a number of areas and doors. For more information on this innovative business security system please visit our fully detailed door access control systems page

5.  Monitored Security Systems – Although the latest technology allows business owners to monitor their premises independently via a live feed, more and more owners are choosing to partner with a dedicated security company. The benefits of engaging such a service are numerous but a big plus for business owners is that they can take a break knowing that their livelihood is being monitored 24/7 by experienced professionals. Running a business can be virtually life-consuming which is why more and more owners are more than happy to hand the reins to a company that can provide some much-needed respite. 

Engaging with Business Security Systems Professionals

Although purchasing off-the-rack security systems from retail premises may be convenient and inexpensive, it does have its drawbacks. The security systems at the lower end of the market rarely offer complete protection and many could be described as just a deterrent at best. By engaging the services of a professional business security company such as Casa Security Pty Ltd you will benefit from decades of combined experience within the business security sector and give your business a layer of protection that is very hard to breach. Protecting your business is our business, so get in touch today and let us give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your premises are fully protected 24/7.