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Benefits of Installing Security Systems for Rental Properties

As technologies of all kinds have advanced, often at a remarkable pace, the ease, practicality, and affordability of protecting your home have never been more accessible to people. Premium-level security companies like Casa Security that want to stay at the cutting edge of security technology have seen concepts and equipment grow and evolve over the years and have to fight hard to keep on top of the latest trends and advancements. At the same time, unexpected elements, like social media’s impact on home security, have affected best practices and security choices. This article will examine security systems that individuals with rental properties might want to consider and the broader reasons for installing them beyond creating maximum deterrence. 

Why you need a security system on your rental property

At its very core, the basic concept of a home security system has not changed. That premise is to create a deterrent and make your property seem like more trouble than it is worth to target. No system can ever physically prevent the truly determined intruder, but it is easy to make them think twice. So, we’ll take it as a given that installing a quality security system is a good idea from the standpoint of making those with bad intentions towards you and your property look elsewhere. But are there any other advantages to be found? 

Increase your property’s appeal

When potential buyers or renters see that the property they are interested in comes with a premium security system with all the bells and whistles, it is hard to create a better impression. Those who value their safety and comfort above all else will be very impressed and pleased to see a state-of-the-art system in place to protect them and their belongings. 

  • Most potential tenants are happy to pay a little extra for a property they know is safe and secure, and it is an element that can set your property apart in a significant way.

Liability issues

The existence of a quality home security system shows that you take the safety of your residents and their property seriously. If somebody should try to steal their property or take other unwanted actions against them, you have shown good faith by installing a quality system and cannot be blamed if thefts or other incidents occur.

While it is crucial to stick to the rules of what you can monitor, it may be that your tenants are happy for you to have access to specific camera feeds or alarm responses. Discuss the details with them and reach an agreement that gives you access if they are out of the property or unable to respond to tripped alarms. 

Overall crime reduction

The more security systems a residential area has, the less chance of being robbed or assaulted; it’s as simple as that. Thieves know that areas where home security is taken seriously, are unlikely to make easy targets and will move on. This benefits tenants and homeowners, as well as the general impression of the area and its desirability as a place to live. This can have a significant impact on property rental and purchase prices. 

  • Installing the best home security system you can has many benefits and no downsides except some surprisingly affordable costs that will be engulfed by the increases to be garnered. 

Your reputation as a landlord

Relationships between tenants and landlords can often be fraught and complex in a business where word of mouth can be a valuable commodity. Reputation is essential to any landlord’s success, and tenants are sure to have a higher opinion of those who go above and beyond to protect them and their possessions.

Happy tenants

When people feel comfortable and secure in their residence, they are less likely to want to leave and look elsewhere. If your goal as a landlord is to encourage your tenants to renew their contracts, then a functional, high-tech security system is one way to show them you appreciate their presence.

Social media’s impact on home security

A final word on another ubiquitous aspect of modern life that many people may not see the dangers of regarding their safety and that of their belongings. Social media’s impact on home security has been profound in many ways, yet they are not immediately apparent, and many people do nothing to protect themselves. The sheer number of people using social media who choose to advertise that they are planning, setting off on, and enjoying some vacation or trip away from home is staggering. 

  • This type of information is manna from heaven for thieves and those who would damage your property.

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