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Commercial Buildings: Top Tips for Choosing the Right Burglar Alarm System

Many people put a lot of time and effort into securing their homes, but the same dedication also needs to be applied to businesses and other commercial ventures. Equipment, inventory, products and sensitive data all need to be protected after hours, and a burglar alarm system is one of your best defences against thieves.

This article will cover tips on how to choose the best burglar alarm system for your business to ensure the security and integrity of your premises so business continues uninterrupted. Some systems are simple, while others are complex, and the size of your business will also dictate the type and complexity of your burglar alarm.

Understand your security requirements

Take a good look around your site and assess what you need. Which areas of the building are most vulnerable? How many rooms need to be protected by the burglar alarm system? Wholesalers and retailers are often the most targeted for break-ins, so if you’re in these industries, you’ll want to consider robust protection.

Wired security systems

Wired security systems are both reliable and very stable. As they are hardwired into the building’s infrastructure, they provide a secure and consistent connection. Larger businesses in established structures will benefit from a wired security system, especially when there is a need for a comprehensive security network. Of course, extensive wired systems are going to involve more complex installations and will cost more. Adding more sensors can be a hassle, and you won’t readily be able to take the system with you if you move to new premises. However, once established, wired systems are generally low maintenance.

Wireless security systems

Due to the flexibility and ease of installation, wireless burglar alarm systems have soared in popularity in recent years. Radio frequency signals communicate between the sensors, control panel and other components. If you run a small business or don’t have the existing infrastructure for a wired system, then a wireless security system is the ideal choice. With installation being quick and non-invasive, time and money will be saved when opting for wireless security. Also, adding new sensors is very easy, and if you decide to move, you simply pack up your wireless alarm system and take it with you. Wireless sensors can be used both indoors and outdoors, as they are not obstructed by walls, glass or other obstacles. However, one downside is the cost. Wireless systems are usually more expensive, and you also need to regularly replace batteries in the control panels and the sensors.

Considering alarm components

To accurately decide on exactly what you need when it comes to burglar alarm system components, such as the number of sensors for example, it’s best to have a security professional come to your site and perform an assessment. However, you should always do some of your own research as well. At the bare minimum, you’ll need a control panel, keypads to arm and disarm the alarm, motion detectors, door and window sensors and a siren. You may even want to consider more advanced components, such as glass break sensors and panic buttons.

Unmonitored burglar alarms

Unmonitored burglar alarm systems are some of the most common. They are simple, traditional and often referred to as ‘bell-only’ systems. Although unmonitored security systems don’t have that added layer of protection that comes with a monitored system, their mere presence is usually enough to deter thieves, sending them looking for an easier target. If someone tries to break in, the siren will sound, which is more than enough to scare off most intruders. These systems can be connected to smartphones, so you’ll receive notifications if the alarm is triggered.

Monitored burglar alarms

With a monitored security system, the moment the system detects a breach, an outside security company is contacted, such as an alarm monitoring centre. Either the police are called, or security personnel will visit the address of the breach to check it out. Key personnel, such as the business owner, are also notified if an alarm is triggered.

Smart security systems

Installing a smart security system for your business is a modern and innovative way to ramp up your protection. It’s powered by the Internet of Things (IoT) and incorporates devices such as security cameras, access control and intrusion detection systems. You can remotely monitor your security system via an interconnected hub where all data is stored and readily accessed. You can even control your security system remotely from a single device. For a comprehensive security solution for your commercial property, you might want to consider a smart security system.

Integration considerations

If you already have some security system components, but you want to upgrade your system or add to your system, you’ll need to consider how well it will integrate with existing components such as CCTV cameras, access control systems and even fire alarms.

Quality and reliability

Not only will you want to look for quality and reliability in the security system itself, but also in the company where you purchase your system and the installer of the system. The combination of quality and reliability in all three of these factors is what will ensure a positive outcome.

Scalability options

This was touched on in an earlier section. You need to consider just how scalable your new burglar alarm system is. Chances are your business will grow over time, so adding new components or being able to relocate your security system are vital considerations. A flexible system, such as a wireless security setup, is more readily scalable than a hardwired system.

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