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Essential Home Security Tips Before Leaving Your Home for Vacation

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Heading out of town for a couple of days? Or perhaps you’re going on a week-long vacation in the Bermuda islands? Now, before you pack your bags and leave for your next trip, you may want to inspect your home security first. We’ve heard this kind of story before — someone leaves for vacation and their property ends up getting ransacked by nefarious burglars. The last thing you want is to return from a leisurely trip, only to be greeted by stolen valuables and broken doors/windows.

It’s important to secure your home just like you would with your luggage and travel documents. You don’t want to constantly worry about your property which could end up ruining your holiday experience with friends and family. With that said, here are a couple of essential home security tips that you should implement before leaving your home for vacation.

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Tip #1. Think like a burglar

In order to protect your home from burglars, you have to put yourself in their shoes and think like them. Imagine if you were to break inside your property, which areas are you most likely to force your entry? Is it through the back door? Or is it through a window up in the second floor? By thinking like a burglar, you’ll be able to identify any weak spots in your home that require additional security. If you find that your door/window locks can easily be compromised, consider replacing them immediately with stronger, tamper-proof locks.

Tip #2. Take note of your important items/valuables

Time to break out the notepad and list down valuable items in your home. Take note of all the important items/valuable inside your property like electronic appliances, furniture, antique items, and even expensive porcelain. Make sure to attach a method of identification like a serial number or a pen mark and take a photograph of it so that the police authorities can track them down if they get stolen.

If you have any loose cash or jewelry lying around the house, it’s best to store them in a secret location that only you can access. We recommend investing in a safety vault to ensure your valuables are secured from thieves and burglars.

Tip #3. Do not let your home appear unoccupied

A property that appears unoccupied is a prime target for burglars and thieves. Because they know they’re unlikely to get spotted, they’ll instantly make a mad dash for anything they can get their hands on. To create an illusion where your home appears occupied, you can invest in smart LED light bulbs that can be remotely controlled with a smartphone or tablet. These light bulbs can be scheduled to turn on and off even if you’re away from your property. All you need is to connect the lights bulbs to a WiFi connection and you’re good to go. You can even control their brightness settings to actually convince burglars that your home is occupied.

You can also invest in electronic timers which are devices that are plugged into a power outlet  and enable you to turn your devices on or off at different times of the day. When burglars see any activity inside a home, they are likely to abandon their move and look for an easier target.

Tip #4. Ask trusted neighbours to be your eyes while you’re away

Assuming that you’re good friends with your neighbours, you can ask them politely about looking after your home. Trusted neighbours can serve as your eyes and ears, keeping a close watch on your property until you get back. You can even share your contact details with them and have them inform you of any suspicious activity around your property.

If you’re expecting a parcel while you’re on vacation, you can request the package to be dropped off at the post office for pick-up. If you trust your neighbour enough, you can also have the package delivered to their doorstep and store it for you. A parcel that’s left sitting in the front door might give burglars the impression that your home is unoccupied and encourage them to force their entry.

Tip #5. Invest in a security system

Our last and arguably the most important tip is to invest in a home security system. Modern security systems can act as a deterrent for burglars and add another layer of protection for your property. Surveillance cameras, motion detectors, and door/window sensors can trigger an alarm and send a burglar scurrying through the bushes after breaking inside your property. Security systems provide you with complete peace of mind and allow you to better enjoy your week-long trip.

Some security systems even have 24/7 alarm monitoring that communicate with an alarm receiving centre (ARC) to notify them of a threat. After the threat has been verified, the corresponding authorities will be dispatched to your property almost immediately. It’s features like this that make security systems a must in any modern home and we strongly recommend installing one prior to leaving for your vacation.

Don’t let the excitement of your next trip cause your home to get ransacked by burglars. Before you head out the door, make sure to inspect your home one last time and ensure that all entry/exit points are properly secured. Follow these essential home security tips so you can have peace of mind while enjoying the holidays.