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How to evaluate your new home’s security needs

In modern times, it has never been less likely we will find ourselves the victim of serious crime and there are multiple reasons for this. Not least of them is the prevalence of new technologies and security systems in Perth making us ever safer in our homes and vehicles. They also make life infinitely more difficult for thieves and other individuals with bad intentions and are not always expensive, high-tech solutions.

It is an accepted fact; most burglaries are opportunist ones when criminals spot a one-off chance to steal something and act quickly to do so. There is not much to prevent burglars from walking through open doors and taking what they like if they are left unattended. We don’t want to gift them those easy opportunities, however, neither do we advocate harbouring paranoia and the uncomfortable feeling you can never leave a door open at any time. There is a balance to be found in living your life without anxiety if you take a few sensible precautions.

Here at Casa Security, we put our heads together and made a list of how to evaluate your new home’s security with some easy steps to take and security items to install. We believe they will drastically increase the security of any property and is something every homeowner should consider:


It makes sense to have the strongest doors, hinges, and frames you possibly can should any attempted burglaries take place while you are out of the house. Composite doors are incredible in this regard and are virtually impenetrable once locked but even a normal door with a decent lock can be enough to deter most thieves.


  • Make sure your mail slot is not wide enough to allow the door to be unlocked from outside
  • Do not leave any keys on tables nearby where they can be hooked and lifted through the mail slot
  • If you have just moved into a previously inhabited property, change the locks for the best ones you can afford
  • Affix a strike plate and a good old-fashioned deadbolt to your doors for when you are inside the house and it’s time to lock up. There are few more effective combinations and they are sure to deter even the most determined invaders
  • Reinforce sliding glass doors or add door sensors 
  • Be aware of any open doors and close/lock them if you are called away or busy in another area
  • Install a video doorbell. Potential burglars will surely not want their faces to be seen and recorded

A word about smart locks

There is no doubt the rapid advancement of technology has profoundly affected many aspects of our lives and home security is no different. It is now possible to install smart locks which only open when the user’s phone is present or instructed to do so remotely by devices with registered access.

A word of caution: thieves are resourceful and devious. These devices may be a good idea in some circumstances but not enough time has passed since their inception for flaws and issues to truly be found out or for thieves to figure out how to circumvent them. It may be you are inviting a closer encounter with unpleasant individuals if the only way to open the door is for you to grant access via your smart device.


Windows are a common entry point for criminals who want to infiltrate your property. When you move into a new place, check the strength of your windows, ensuring they are locked, not just closed. When deciding how to evaluate your new home’s security, pay close attention to this area. If you don’t like the look of the latches or are worried the previous owners may still have keys, change them or add new aftermarket locks.


  • Install window sensors that react when opened or glass is broken
  • Reinforce glass with security film
  • Add window bars. This might seem overly dramatic and depends on where you live and how secure it feels. At the end of the day, we want to feel comfortable in our own homes and bars may help but we don’t want to be like prisoners
  • Grow spiky, painful plants underneath accessible windows. This is a simple, inexpensive, yet highly-effective tactic to prevent access from outside.


The nemesis of any criminal wanting to engage in unwanted activity in or around your property is light. Lots of it.

Security Systems

Whether you opt for the latest high-tech security system or a more simplified version handling only the basics, your home should have some form of security system.


  • Professional monitoring and home automation are the very apex of security measures. But they do not come without inherent costs and may not be necessary or suitable for all properties and locations
  • A wide range of home security options is available to consider catering for most budgets and levels of protection. The team here at Casa Security will happily discuss your options with you when the time comes


Garages often contain some of the most expensive items in any home, from vehicles and gadgets to tools and other high-end devices. Criminals will happily target garages if the property itself looks too difficult to access so it’s important not to neglect this obvious entry point.


  • Lock garage doors when not in use, both interior and exterior
  • Do not leave remote garage openers in vehicles
  • Keep security codes secret and do not share or input them in front of strangers
  • Install a driveway alarm
  • Ensure windows can be covered easily to deter snooping
  • Use additional locks to secure garages from both sides

Security Cameras

Choose security cameras with:

  • Decent weather resistance 
  • Mobile apps to view live from any location
  • Motion detection
  • Night vision
  • Wi-Fi capability

Some final tips:

  • Invest in a quality safe to protect irreplaceable items and documents
  • Eliminate obvious hiding places in gardens or yards 
  • Password-protect Wi-Fi networks

It pays to remember you are less likely than ever to be targeted and invaded by burglars and not to allow thoughts of this to dominate your existence. Take sensible precautions, implement as many of our ideas as you are able, and go about your life feeling happy, secure, and safe.

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We hope we have given you some food for thought with our tips and suggestions on how to evaluate your new home’s security. If you have any questions or comments about what you have read or would like to speak to one of our experts directly, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be only too happy to discuss your exact situation and security requirements with you and give you our honest opinion.