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How to Hide Your CCTV Cameras Indoors and Outdoors

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CCTV cameras are a staple in any security system and its presence alone can deter most burglars and thieves. As homeowners look for ways on how to fortify their home security, some choose to keep their CCTV cameras hidden. Whether or not hiding your security cameras is a good idea, there are actually reasonable benefits as to why you should consider such an option.

Here we’ll be discussing the importance of concealing your security cameras and how you can execute it to outsmart even the most tech-savvy criminals.

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Benefits of hiding your CCTV cameras

The most significant drawback of an exposed CCTV camera is being disabled by burglars. Some criminals are proficient at shutting down security cameras by configuring the security system. While there are a number of tech solutions to prevent this from happening, the risk is still there. Hence, concealing your security cameras will prevent them from being disabled in the first place.

The first thing you should do is to purchase a dedicated spy camera. These products are designed by professional security system companies to make them easy to conceal. Usually, spy cameras are very small, allowing you to fit them into tight spaces and blend them perfectly with the surrounding environment. Purchasing spy cameras are a convenient option since you won’t have to spend so much time and effort trying to hide them.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at a few clever ways on how to disguise your CCTV cameras for both indoors and outdoors.


Hiding your CCTV cameras outdoors

There are a lot of ways you can hide your security cameras outdoors. You have plenty of elements where you can disguise your spy cam in a way that most people wouldn’t even recognise. Here are a few examples:

  1. Disguise your CCTV camera inside a birdhouse

A birdhouse is a perfect place to conceal your security cameras. The enclosed design protects the CCTV camera from the elements and its height provides the camera with a clear, tall view of the surroundings. Ideally, you want to use a wireless camera when concealing it inside a birdhouse to make the installation process much easier.

  1. Place your security cameras under soffits and eaves

Most spy cameras are practically invisible if you install them under soffits and eaves. These areas aren’t often looked at by most people and can hardly be noticed, especially from a distance. Even if they do get identified, burglars will have a tough time disabling them due to the height which it is installed from.

  1. Conceal your CCTV cameras near bushes and trees

Trees, bushes, and other plants can serve as good disguises for concealing your CCTV cameras. You can even purchase camera skins that match the bushes to effectively hide the camera in plain view. Just make sure that leaves and branches aren’t obstructing the camera lens so you can have a clear view of the surroundings.

  1. Install your security cameras on outdoor lamps

If you want to monitor your front door without being too obvious, then installing your security cameras on outdoor lamps is a good idea. Spy cameras with motion detection and night vision are perfect for this specific application as it enables you to capture good footage during nighttime.


Hiding your CCTV camera indoors

Concealing your security cameras indoors can prove to be a challenging task. You want to install your spy cameras on the least conspicuous spaces so that your kids and other visitors won’t figure out that you have security cameras around the house. Check out these handy tips below when hiding your spy cameras indoors.

  1. Install the spy camera on a power outlet

A clever way of concealing your spy camera is by installing it on a power outlet. Just remove the screw in the outlet and place your spy cam inside. Since most power outlets are below a person’s line of sight, it’s less likely to be detected (or disabled) by unsuspecting intruders.

  1. Mount your security cameras on toys

If you’re looking to be a bit more creative, you can use toys as a tool to hide your security cameras. A good example of this is to replace a Minion toy’s eye with a spy camera and place it on top of a desk or a table. Most people will think that it’s a harmless toy when in reality it’s a fun, cute security camera staring right at their face.


  1. Mask your spy cam with everyday items

To make your spy cameras less conspicuous, you can use everyday items like tissue boxes, cereal boxes, and other similar containers. This makes your spy cams less suspicious to people inside your property. Just make sure the containers are positioned out of children’s reach. The great thing about this is that you can place the containers anywhere you like. From beside a table lamp to the top of the food shelf, unwanted visitors will be none the wiser.

  1. Fit the spy cam in between books

You can sneakily place a spy camera in between books and not a single person will even notice it. This works great if you have a bookshelf around the house. With multiple books in place, the spy cam won’t be as noticeable compared to just sandwiching it between 2-3 books.

Hopefully with these clever tricks, you’ll be able to hide your CCTV cameras from plain sight and prevent them from being disabled by criminals and burglars.