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How to keep your home secure during renovations: essential tips

Home renovations can create a few challenges, particularly if you are still living in your home while the renovations are happening. You may be aware that you will experience noise, inconvenience, dust, and dirt, but have you also thought about how renovations could affect the security of your home? Here, we will explore keeping your home secure during renovations and essential tips for the safety of your property, as well as your family.

The importance of a proven contractor

First and foremost, employing a contractor who not only has the right skills but also a proven history of being reliable and trustworthy will vastly reduce the risk of damage or theft while your renovations are underway. A contractor who secures their tools at the end of the day and tidies up as they work shows respect for your property and theirs.

Do I stay or do I go?

Many people choose to temporarily relocate if the renovations in their home are quite large and will cause major inconvenience, such as a full kitchen rebuild or bathroom replacement. While this is entirely understandable, it does add an extra security concern as it leaves your home vulnerable to theft after your tradespeople have left for the day. Added security measures such as sensor lights will help. You could even install an electronic entry system with a built-in camera so you can monitor what time your contractor enters and leaves and whether anyone else tries to gain access. There are many security options available, and it is highly recommended to speak with a professional company such as Casa Security to find the best solution.

Keeping it clean

There are three main reasons why a clean workspace is important, namely safety, security, and efficiency. Safety covers all manner of potential hazards, from trips and falls due to equipment laying about to cuts from sharp tools or accidental damage to your materials due to incorrect storage. Security is improved if you have a clean and organised environment. A messy work area or materials left outside provide an open invitation to potential theft or vandalism. Lastly, efficiency. Your tradespeople will be able to work to a higher standard if everything is stored correctly and easily accessible.

Nosy neighbours are the best security

When contemplating how to keep your home secure during home renovations and essential tips, one major and very simple strategy is to inform your neighbours of what is happening. Ask them to look out for anyone coming and going or if they see any movement after hours. It is surprising just how much a neighbour will notice anything out of the ordinary. It may be that you are still living in your home but have to leave the contractors unattended to run errands or go to work. Your neighbours are one of the best monitoring systems outside of electronic devices and cameras.

Renovations with children

Children add an extra level of need when it comes to security around home renovations. Ensure your children are kept clear of the workspace and understand the hazards associated with tools and equipment or playing with materials that could fall on them. In an ideal world, you would simply say, “Do not go in there”, but we are talking about curious little humans who like to learn and explore. Even if the area is off limits, it is advisable to still walk them through all the dangers and reasons why they shouldn’t play in the construction area even after the tradespeople have left for the day.

Embracing technology

There are so many electronic security systems available it can be quite daunting to determine which method is best suited to your situation. You may decide on a 24/7 monitored camera, a ring cam, or a basic recorded camera system. Should you wish to monitor the inside of your home, a trustworthy contractor would have no issue knowing they are being recorded and would fully understand why you have taken these necessary security measures. In fact, your contractor will probably be grateful as it also means their tools and equipment can be safely left overnight with reduced risk of theft.

Relocate your valuables

You should remove any valuables such as jewellery or cash whilst you are allowing other people to enter and exit your home when you are not around. Things that are easy to pop in a pocket should be hidden away, along with anything else that may appeal to a potential thief. Not only will it give you peace of mind, but it will also make the contractor more comfortable because should you misplace something, it could easily be misconstrued that the contractor was to blame. Consider that if you have large sums of money visible, the contractor innocently makes a comment to a friend, who tells a friend and so on. Now many people know what you have in your home, and it becomes more likely that you could have a break-in in the future. Simply taking the time to hide or relocate your valuables will save a lot of worry and mitigate future risks.

Secure your deliveries

While it may be convenient to leave your building materials in the carport or somewhere outside the front of your home, it does create temptation for a passerby to come back and help themselves when everyone has left for the day. Set aside a separate area inside your home or lockable garage for all deliveries to be placed in. This will keep the workspace as clear as possible for your contractor while enabling them easy access to materials as and when they need them. Out of sight, out of mind is very relevant here, as opportunistic thieves will be deterred if they have to actually break in to steal.

We hope this information on keeping your home secure during renovations and essential tips has helped you understand how to overcome some of the security concerns that can arise while your renovation work is underway.