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How to Outwit a Thief and Keep Your Residence Safe

Burglars are keen on how a house looks from the outside. A lot about what valuable things you have hidden can be seen by how you look outside and act daily. People who break into homes look for something that says “welcome” to them.

Well-trimmed landscaping sends a message to burglars. This suggests that you might also spend a lot of money on things inside your house.

Consider also where you could hide in your yard. Thieves are interested in any area that lets them stay low. A beautiful tall plant in your yard also doubles as a place to hide for burglars. Greenery like boxwood trees and bushes should be cut down often because they can be places to hide.

Moreover, movie scenes might make you think that burglars use high-tech gadgets to see what valuables you have around the house. Actually, they prefer to spy on you through your windows. People who break into your home can see if you have a burglar alarm or a dog.

Thugs might be able to figure out what you own if they look through your trash. Recycling is essential to them because they can see if you’ve bought any big-ticket items. Always break down your boxes. People who break into your house can figure out what to look for if you leave things like this together.

In addition, make sure your mail is taken care of while you’re away. This stops curious thieves from coming over to your front porch and into your house.

Humans have a lot of habits and routines. Because burglars can figure out when to break in, this isn’t good. They’ll look at things when you leave, how long you’re gone, if you’ve locked the door, and if you unload expensive stuff in your driveway.

Items that thieves want

There are a few things burglars look for when they break into a house, and this is why they have a list. They look for these things when they’re inside your home and where they can find them.

  • Information about your identity

Remember that registration form you haven’t been able to send out yet? You put it on the dinner table to remind you that it needs to be stamped. There are many things a thief could do if they get their hands on your private information.

  • Liquor

People who steal liquor aren’t just teenagers. When you’re not home, thieves often go straight to the liquor cabinet, so think carefully about where to hide your single malt Scotch. We suggest leaving out a decoy bottle that’s easy for them to find.

  • Furniture and decor

Burglars like to steal things quickly and then sell them right away, which is even better for them. So the decorative plates on the mantle are going to be taken.

  • Cash

Thieves love money. It’s impossible to get back, and a burglar gets immediate pleasure from it. Plus, it helps them since you usually keep them in the most obvious places.

  • Prescription medicines

These items have a lot of use and value, even though they’re small. Burglars often go to the medicine cabinet when they break into a house.

  • Jewellery

You value your family heirlooms. Thieves also care about them. You’ll need a place to hide them that isn’t the back of your undies drawer. A secure storage box would be better.

  • Tech and electronics 

This is a little bit of a cinch. You can get more money for computers and other electronic items when you trade them in or sell them. Also, they’re usually left out in the open so people can easily see them.

How to keep burglars away

Many ways to keep yourself safe can be done before the burglars get to your house. Below are ideas for how to keep burglars away.

  • Neighbourhood watch group

This group of people works together to keep an eye on their own neighbourhood. It’s meant to keep your area safe. This civilian-based method provides a way to keep your community together and on the same page regarding safety issues.

  • Social media habits

Don’t show off your absence on social media if you’re going on vacation. You never know who is watching.

  • During trips

Keep your mail from coming while you’re away. Add a timer to your lights to come on and off at different times. You may also ask your neighbours to park in your driveway sometimes. 

  • Smart lock

Get a smart lock or deadbolt if you have kids, lose your keys, or want to make your home more efficient. If you forget to lock or unlock the door, some smart locks let you do it from your phone. This is great for people who are always on the go or forget to lock the door.

  • Pets

Dogs are powerful, and a thief won’t want to mess with their territory. Buy a “Beware of Dog” signage for your door or porch, even if you don’t have a dog.

  • Privacy films

Privacy films can help protect you from nosy neighbours or thieves who want to see what you do. You can put a privacy film on your windows to keep people from seeing your valuables, but it also lets some light in.

  • Smart bulbs

Burglars want to be able to hide, but smart bulbs or motion-sensor lights stop them from doing that. Smart bulbs can also be controlled from a smart home security hub.

  • Avoid oversharing

Be careful about who you welcome into your residence and how many details you share with them. Before you hire somebody to do work in your house, make sure they are professionals.

  • Hiding places

Burglars know where you usually hide your valuables. Look for creative new ones. You can hide them in your child’s toy basket or in the cabinet where you keep your canning supplies. You could also get a safe.

  • Security system 

With burglar alarm systems for the home, you can see what is going on at your house. You can choose from the latest and most reliable indoor or outdoor security cameras.

While there isn’t a surefire way to stop a burglar from looking around your house, being alert and taking precautions will help safeguard your property.