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How to respond to an alarm security system alert

The decision to invest in high-quality security equipment is a responsible one that goes a long way towards keeping your clients, visitors, and staff safe. However, alarms are only as useful as the response they prompt from the people affected. Without a fixed protocol in place, they risk being just another annoying siren wailing away but otherwise ignored in the background.

In this article, we have gathered some advice to bear in mind when considering how to prepare your staff to respond to a security alert and ensure everyone’s safety and accountability at all times. Here are our best suggestions to make the most of your security system and ensure the best possible response in the event of it sounding the alarm.

Find a security company that specialises in alarm responses

With an organised, professional security company on your side, you increase the chances of successful alarm responses exponentially. An experienced, well-trained team like Casa Security will not allow you to take control of the security system without ensuring you have all the up-to-date information and training you need. Take all the advice and guidance they offer and never turn down training or informative materials. But remember, this information is of little use if you’re the only one who has it, so share the experience with others.

Provide regular training and reminders

Once your alarm system is installed and operational, gather all your employees and deliver a thorough training programme, preferably under the guidance of your chosen security company. Fixed, written, highly-visible instructions to follow in an emergency take any decision-making out of the hands of people who may be feeling overwhelmed, confused, or scared in an emergency. Drill employees with the steps they must take and allocate essential tasks to those you trust with responsibility. Repeat the training as frequently as you deem necessary and don’t be afraid to test the system, making adjustments as required. Take note of the following:

  • When the alarm was triggered, did the employees respond as you expected them to?
  • Were there any exceptions or unexpected occurrences?
  • Did the people charged with administrative tasks perform them correctly?

People are apt to react illogically under duress so explaining and drilling their exact response to emergencies is a must. Without this crucial step, your high-tech security system is little more than a noisy panic inducer.

Take every alarm seriously

Of course, alarms can and are frequently tripped accidentally but it is imperative to create a culture of treating them seriously every time or there may as well be no alarm at all. If your alarm is sounding falsely too often, speak to your service provider. Ignoring or playing down the alarms themselves is a recipe for disaster when an emergency presents itself.

If you have a constantly monitored security system, you can expect a phone call within moments of the alarm seeking verification. They may also offer insights into suspicious activity or dangers they have viewed remotely. Never give assurances the alarm is false before you have fully ascertained it to be true. Follow the posted training steps and ensure all is well before instructing the security company to stand down and resetting the alarm.

Create a thorough assessment procedure for after any alarm

With a solid, working system of steps to take when alarms sound, assessing them after each incident makes sense. Watch the footage, check roll calls, and otherwise review how the situation was handled and whether it would be deemed acceptable in a real emergency. If not, seek further guidance from your security company and make any obvious amendments as you see fit.

If the scenario was a real emergency, this is the perfect time to take a genuine, in-depth account of your system and safety protocols. If there were casualties or unexpected occurrences, make necessary changes accordingly to mitigate them next time.

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Hopefully, this article has prompted you to evaluate your own security setup and consider how to prepare your staff to respond to a security alert. Here at Casa Security, our team of skilled professionals has decades of experience in all aspects of security, from industrial and commercial concerns to residential.

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