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Integrating Home Security for New Home Builds: Follow These Top Planning Tips

When building a new home, most people are focused on the construction side of things and the implementation of utilities such as electricity, water, the internet and so on. What many fail to do is take into account their new home’s security. When a new home is being designed and built, that’s the ideal time to have a home security system installed. Vacant homes are often a target for thieves, so it’s a wise idea to have your home protected by a security system, even during the construction phase.

This article digs deeper into integrating home security for new home builds and why it’s a better option to incorporate this during the construction stage rather than waiting until your house is built.

Pre-construction planning

Ideally, you’ll incorporate security measures into your pre-construction planning. Just as you’ll plan every other facet of the new home build, such as layout, plumbing and electricity, before construction gets underway, it’s a smart idea to add your home’s security system into the mix.

Partner up with a security integrator during the planning stages. Not only will an integrator be able to help you come up with the right security solutions to suit your needs, but they can also organise the implementation of pre-wiring your home as construction takes place. This saves both time and money on retrofits. It’s also much easier to do the pre-wiring (just as the electrician does with electrical wiring) if you have an integrator take care of this while your home is constructed.

Mapping out security devices

Also, during this planning phase, working along with your security integrator, you’ll want to map out the optimal locations to install things like keypads, sirens, CCTV cameras, motion sensors, control panels and anything else related to your home security system.

In addition to these security measures, there are other things to consider for your home’s security and the safety of its occupants. These include where to place smoke detectors, heat sensors, and carbon monoxide detectors.

All of these devices, along with the security system, will keep everyone and everything safe at all times but it’s always best to work out exactly where everything will be placed in the home so all the hard wiring can be accomplished during the build, ready for installation of these devices once construction is near completion.

Ensuring security during construction

You may want to think about installing some security measures even before construction is finished, as this will help safeguard your construction site against thieves and vandals while building is taking place.

For example, it’s a wise idea to install some surveillance cameras as soon as possible. These cameras will monitor the site when it’s unattended, and if any nefarious activity does take place, it will be recorded and can be used as evidence when filing a police report. The mere presence of CCTV cameras is often enough to deter criminals, as they generally like to go undetected and prefer easy targets.

Once walls, doors and windows are in place in your new home build, you can install smart locks and keypad-controlled deadbolts for controlled access. Rather than giving out keys, you’ll instead give everyone who is authorised to enter the property a security code. They simply input the code into the keyboard, and the door will be unlocked. If your smart lock is connected to an interactive cell dialler, you’ll also be able to track access to your new home.

Essential security features

In this section, we’ll look at some of the essential security devices you’ll want to integrate into your new home build.

Motion-detected lighting

Both during construction and once your home is completed, lighting plays a key role in deterring burglars and vandals. However, you may not want to operate powerful spotlights or other external lighting all night long. The solution to this is motion-detected lighting.

If a thief enters your yard, the motion detector will pick up their furtive movements, and the light will blaze to life. Usually, this will surprise a thief and send them scurrying away into the darkness and away from your well-protected home.

For maximum effectiveness, install motion-detected lights above the front and back doors, above windows, in the driveway, walkways and near garages and sheds.

Security cameras

Installing security cameras acts as both a deterrent and a way of capturing vital footage. They also provide real-time monitoring of your property, either from inside the home or remotely.

Therefore, you’ll want to install them in prominent places but out of reach. Place cameras above the doors and above the garage. You can keep an eye on your home during construction, and also once your house is completed.

Fire and carbon monoxide detection

Things like smoke detectors are mandatory in Australian homes, and CO detectors are very handy when it comes to alerting your home’s occupants to a dangerous build-up of carbon monoxide. By sounding a strident alarm, smoke detectors can save lives.

The advantage of integrating these with your home security system is smoke, fire and carbon monoxide levels can be monitored, along with your home’s other security features. Smoke detectors should be present in every room in the house, while CO detectors should be located in the kitchen, living room and garage.

Smart locks and key management

The main advantage of a smart lock to secure your entrance doors is they don’t require keys. Keys get lost and can make your home vulnerable. Smart locks use an access code and a keypad to unlock the door. Home access can also be monitored with smart locks.

If you use traditional key-operated locks, help safeguard those keys by keeping spares in a lockbox.

Plan home security with us

As you can clearly see, it’s wise to integrate your home security system with the construction phase and at Casa Security, we can help with that. Get in touch today and arrange a consultation. Together, we’ll plan, devise, map out and install the best security system for your new home build.