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Old Security Trends That Will Continue To Boom in 2020

Security worker during monitoring.

New trends are emerging in the security industry for the year 2020.  But the fact remains that the key trends that emerged from the past few years will continue to stay relevant in most of  the security industry leaders’ plans moving forward. 

In this article, we will take a look at the many security trends that worked wonders for security systems that will carry over to the year 2020 and beyond.

Security Trends


If you are looking to improve your personal or corporate security, then that’s great!  Cyber attacks continue to threaten security in privacy, something that has been alarmingly made common the past decade or so.  Today’s businesses continue to embrace cybersecurity initiatives because it is – and will continue to be – a major threat. Manufacturers building cybersecurity into the products from its inception is now made very important because of these threats, with system integrators demanding this level of consideration from the products that they bring to the market.  As a result of the connection between I.T. applications and security investments, consumers now look for solutions designed with data given much importance. Network connected gadgets, such as servers, IP cameras, access controllers, smart sensors, intrusion alarms, DVRs/NVRs; these are all vulnerable to cyber attacks. For that reason, this development in cybersecurity protocols and applying them across businesses is very important.  

AI Enabled devices

Artificial intelligence is going to continue playing a role in propelling advanced analytics in an effort to deliver situational awareness to operators, plus an increased ability to assess threats or anomalies.  Video and analytics are already around for quite some time, but some would say that they were less effective as compared to softwares that use artificial intelligence to create the current applications that include facial recognition become more accurate.  AI is also great in creating new ways to detect something that is not normal. Aside from that, artificial intelligence continues to be used to analyze huge amounts of data that are being generated by intelligent sensors and by making sense of the growing amounts of video.  

Internet of Things (IoT)

For many industries, the Internet of Things has been a major trend for the past couple of years.  It is also believed that it will continue to grow as sensors of all kinds are integrated into the network.  The collection and analysis of these data by the sensors are giving rise to a large amount of applications; such as intelligent building management, event management, and industrial applications.  In this way, the physical security industry benefits by having additional intelligence for situational awareness and emergency management. Aside from that, there are more chances to provide additional value-added businesses and insights for the industry.  Video now has the opportunity to become the eye of the IoT, what with it being deployed in an increasing number of frameworks, plus continued improvements in computing capabilities.  

More videos

At this day and age, it is now obvious that video is central to security.  It provides both real time and forensic coverage for threats that are lurking as well as incidents.  Video is one of the fastest growing segments in the security industry, and its use for the traditional applications in new markets, as well as for use in newer applications in new industries, and for use in applications that are not necessarily related to security is gearing up for the most movements.  In the oil and gas industry, for example, a trend towards extending video coverage into harsh and extremely hazardous environments is present, so manufacturers are developing appropriately certified CCTV camera equipment to meet the growing demand as well as quality standards.  Another industry, the manufacturing sector, has their food processing plants increase the use of videos to train people and also for compliance purposes to prevent food recalls, and other such incidents that are otherwise very costly for the companies.  

Privacy concerns

Threats to privacy is a very real concern for everyone all over the world. This is true at least to the more advanced countries.   Nightmare stories of breach in data privacy of individuals continue to stay on the news. This is why governments are enacting strict data protection laws for their citizens.  With the European Union leading the way, they use these concerns to create privacy regulations that preside over the development of data-driven applications. Today, everyone is shifting to more data autonomy and privacy.  Most physical security applications include the collection of video and data about people and assets. For this reason, the continuous development of privacy regulations will have a huge impact in the security industry for years to come.

It is safe to say that advancements in technology has made automation one of the more powerful security tools that we have and continue to have as we move forward to the 20’s. Hopefully, you’ll take advantage of the best systems and trends available in the market.