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How to Secure Your Commercial Business Premises

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In today’s world, many establishments are vulnerable to a number of security issues, some of which are digital in nature. But one of the primary concerns most business owners face is physically securing their premises. It has always been a major challenge to provide optimal security for modern businesses and it’s something that needs to be addressed with careful planning and consideration. When it comes to securing your commercial business, the small details matter the most. You cannot afford to overlook a single aspect of physical security or else you’ll risk losing valuable items and equipment.

Lax security measures are often the culprit of break-ins, loss of items, and theft. You can never be too confident when it comes to securing your business premises. That’s why we’re here to help you take necessary steps on how to secure your commercial business and make sure it’s protected from all sorts of criminals. Down below are one of the most frequent challenges modern businesses face in terms of overall security and how you can take action to address these issues.

Securing onsite equipment

Many business owners make the mistake of thinking that burglars only target small items like cash and valuables like smartphones or jewellery. If you have unsecured equipment on the site, this will prompt criminals to break inside your business and steal whatever items they can take. This is especially true for small businesses which are prone to break-ins. Most criminals look for anything they can get their hands on like computer tools and manufacturing equipment because these items can be sold easily on the black market.

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To make your commercial business a less likely target, you should consider installing a security alarm system with perimeter protection to keep intruders at bay. 24-hour monitoring is a must for any modern business via camera systems like CCTV, HD SDI, and IP cameras. There are also a couple of steps that you can take to secure your equipment and these are:

  • Keep a record of the serial numbers of your equipment and write down any relevant information about it. This can help minimise employee theft and the information can help you in case a break-in occurs.
  • Any movable or driveable equipment should be secured. Things such as bobcats and forklifts should be tied down with a combination of wheel clamps and heavy-duty chains and locks to deter criminals from taking it away.

Having equipment onsite that isn’t fully secured makes it a big target for most criminals. The first thing you should do to enhance the security of your business premises is by making sure that all of your equipment is tied down and immovable, whether it be big or small. Thieves are scoping around small businesses in an attempt to steal equipment and make a quick buck by selling it on the black market.

Employee theft

Sometimes criminal activities take place during working hours and employee theft is one issue business owners should be aware of. Employee theft equates to around 25% of criminal activities in a commercial workplace annually which means that if you operate a large-scale business, chances are employees will be tempted to steal small items and valuables. Taking appropriate measures to deter employees from stealing is vital for avoiding losses inside your business premises.

To prevent employee theft, there are a couple of steps that you need to take such as:

  • Install a CCTV camera with 24-hour monitoring. This allows you to record valuable footage in case some items are missing from your business premises. When employees are aware that CCTV cameras are keeping an eye on them, they are less likely to steal important items. Consider placing surveillance systems on high-risk areas of your business premises where important items are in place.
  • Implement an access control system. Access control systems are effective deterrents for employee theft because it provides accountability from your employees. Each entrance and exit will be recorded and it should serve as crucial evidence for investigation purposes.

Not all employees have the intention of stealing and you should not view your employees as threats. However, the statistics are quite alarming and it’s better to lean on the safer side and provide employee theft deterrents so you don’t risk losing valuable items and equipment.

Securing access points

All it takes is an unlocked door or window for a criminal to easily access the insides of your business premises. This is a common error for business owners where they fail to properly secure any access points. Before you leave, make it a habit to routinely check if all doors and windows are locked. The first point of entry most criminals use is through a door or window so make sure you’re using high quality and secure locks. Securing all access points should be one of your main priorities when it comes to improving security.

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Aside from securing your access points, it’s vital that these areas have adequate lighting. Criminals love to operate in the dark where no one can spot them and by having adequate lighting on all access points, they are less likely to try to break inside your business premises. If you have CCTV cameras installed, the additional lighting will make it much easier to identify the culprit as the areas monitored by the CCTV will be more visible late at night.

Do regular spot checks

Even if you have taken the necessary measures to enhance security, it’s always a good idea to carry out routine spot checks to ensure the security of your premises. Check if the lighting on your access points are bright enough and make sure that all door and window locks are strong enough. Doing this will help reduce the risk of break-ins from happening inside your premises.


These security solutions are imperative to protecting modern businesses from criminals and thieves. Take the time to thoroughly secure your business premises by placing deterrents that will help prevent break-ins and employee theft. For maximum security, call a security provider so that they can provide you with advanced security solutions.