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Silent Alarms vs. Loud Alarms: Which One is Right for You?

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When it comes to alarm systems, you generally have an option of choosing between a loud alarm and a silent alarm. Depending on your security needs, you may favour one type of alarm system over the other. To help you make an informed decision, we’ll be discussing both loud alarms and silent alarms in this in-depth article.

Why use a silent alarm

Silent alarms trick the intruder by giving them a false sense of confidence. Because there’s no audible sound to alert people nearby, they’ll think that your property has no alarm system or that it doesn’t work. But little do they know that their movements are being closely monitored and that help is already on its way. One of the first things burglars do is determine whether or not their target property has a working security system.

If the property remains quiet after a break-in, they will think that there’s no active security protection. Only then will they figure it out after being apprehended by local police authorities. Silent alarms work just like a normal home alarm. Once a motion detector or sensor detects movement, your security system provider is instantly notified and alerts the right authorities to respond to your property.

The only argument against a silent alarm is that it leaves your property vulnerable for some time. Unlike a loud alarm that draws the attention of other people, a silent alarm means that only you and your security provider know that a break-in has occurred. Depending on how fast the authorities arrive, the burglar can steal at his own pace. 

Silent Alarms vs. Loud Alarms

Why use a loud alarm

Loud alarms make an audible noise that alerts everyone within the vicinity of a security breach. This throws the intruder off-guard and will likely force them to run away. Audible alarms are perfect for both household and commercial applications as the loud sound can help draw the attention of people around the area. The last thing a burglar wants is to have a set of eyes watching them as they flee from the scene.

While the initial alarm may scare off potential intruders, a good percentage of burglars will look for cover and wait until the alarm turns off. Depending on the response from both the property owner and the police, the intruder will have a split-second chance to grab anything they can get their hands on before help arrives.

You also have to consider the fact that loud alarms can cause a minor disturbance within the neighbourhood. That’s up to you to decide on whether waking up your neighbours at night is worth the added safety measure of having an audible alarm.

Choosing the right type of alarm

When choosing an alarm system for your property, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind. Things such as noise, response time, and application all play a role in selecting the right alarm system for you. For example, you may want to use an audible alarm inside banks, offices, and large buildings. Such establishments contain valuable items that you don’t want the intruder to get their hands on. When the alarm sounds off, burglars won’t have time to react, thus forcing them to abandon their strategy and look for cover immediately.

Silent alarms fit residential applications more. Sometimes an audible alarm can prove too distracting to your neighbours especially in the middle of the night. With a silent alarm, you can provide adequate security to your home without causing a major disturbance in the neighbourhood. Do keep in mind that this type of alarm relies on a fast response time to work properly as you want to catch the burglar while their guard is down.

The best of both worlds

The good news is that alarm systems today can be set up in both audible and silent configurations, thus giving you the best of both worlds. For example, you can set up an audible alarm in key areas of your property such as the bedroom and living room. This gives the burglar zero time to linger around these areas and throw their plans off-track.

You can then use a silent alarm on areas like the back door entrance or kitchen. Most burglars proceed cautiously when entering through these zones. As they take their time planning their strategy, the police authorities are already on their way. There are plenty of instances where using both a loud alarm and silent alarm can prove advantageous whether it be for a residential or commercial setting.

It helps to contact a professional for expert recommendation on which alarm system best suits your needs and preferences. Alarm systems help keep you and your family safe and knowing what works best for you can make a huge difference in terms of overall home security. For high-quality and professional alarm installation, contact Casa Security today.