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Sure-fire Ways to Minimise Your Risk of a Break-In!

burglar in dark room flicking light switch

Getting your house broken into can leave you with a horrible feeling- it hits you in your most vulnerable place. You can be left worrying for months, even years afterwards always wondering if or when it will happen again.

In the decade between 2003-2013, burglaries and home invasions decreased by a factor of nearly 50%, but that doesn’t mean that the issue is dead and buried. Despite the increase in technology with burglar alarms in Perth, there is unfortunately still a huge number of break ins each year, with crime statistics showing roughly one burglary every 2 minutes in Australia.

Get a dog.

Dogs aren’t a man or woman’s best friend for no reason- aside from being cute, loyal friends, they also provide an invaluable function as a deterrent for potential criminals. According to a study by the Australian institute of Criminology, in which 470 criminals were interviewed about their incentives and reasons for committing the burglaries, the overwhelming majority stated that their number one fear was discovery. A dog will not just help minimise your risk of a break-in in the first place, but they can also alert you to a burglary already in progress, potentially scaring off the offenders, and keeping you and your family safe.

Install sensor lights

Sensor lights are a great way to deter criminals from entering your property. More often than not, burglary is a pre-meditated crime-one which requires the offenders to scope out the premises before they decide to enter it or not. Sensor lights are a great way to ward off the possibility of people breaking into your house as they alert those inside and neighbours as well, of any movement near your property.

Always look like you’re at home (even if you’re not).

There are a few ways to make it look like you’re at home even when you’re not. You can make use of timed lighting- doing this wards off any potential burglars from contemplating entering your home by making it seem as if people are inside the premises.

Another good trick is to leave shoes by your front and back doors- doing this instils in the minds of potential home-invaders that the house is occupied, decreasing its attractiveness as a target for burglary.

Collecting your junk mail is a great way to make it look like you’re at home- one of the easiest ways for criminals to tell if a house or property is vacant is the build-up of letters and junk mail in the letter box.

Keep items of attraction out of sight from the street.

Ensure that valuable items are as out of sight as possible and not visible through curtains, shades and bedroom windows. While this might not be possible for all large items like televisions and speakers etc, it does decrease the chances of an impulsive break-in.

Don’t tolerate any security flaws on your property.

If your front gate doesn’t shut properly- Fix it! If the back screen-door wont lock- call the locksmith! And if your alarm system isn’t working- Call us!

Make sure your alarm system works and is installed by a professional.

Make sure your alarm is working for you. There is no greater deterrent for criminals than a solid, state-of-the-art, quality alarm system. It can protect you and your family from harm and potentially be the difference between a happy outcome and a very dangerous situation.

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