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The Benefits of Internal Intercoms Systems and Why You Should Use Them

Security guards monitoring alarm and security systems in our control room in Perth.

If you’re looking for an efficient means of communicating with your employees, then you should definitely consider using an internal intercom system. An internal intercom system is designed to facilitate communications, whether it be through an audio or video transmission. You can integrate intercom systems with smartphones and other devices to ensure your staff always receives your message, no matter where they are in the building.

Need to make a quick announcement? Just push a button and instantly reach everyone inside the facility. Planning a surprise party for your staff? Summon all of them to the break room in a matter of seconds. There are plenty of benefits to using intercom systems and we’ll highlight the most important ones in complete detail below.

  1. Reach anyone you need instantly

When contacting an employee via phone, there’s a good chance that they’re unattended. Not everyone is holding their smartphone most of the time and you’ll have to wait for a few minutes before getting a response. With internal intercom systems, the employee is notified right away. This means that even if they’re busy, you’ll be confident that your message gets delivered every single time.

Intercom systems are great for relaying quick messages. You can remind your staff to check their email or attend an important meeting. Intelligent intercom systems take it up a notch by sending notifications not just to their desk, but to their smartphones as well so your employees will never miss your message.

  1. Make general and emergency announcements

Phone systems only allow you to talk to one person at a time. But with internal intercom systems, you can talk to your entire staff. With just a push of a button, you can make a general announcement and all your employees will hear it loud and clear. In the event of an emergency, you can use an intercom system to provide instructions on how the employees should respond.

  1. Reinforce your security measures

Internal intercom systems aren’t just for communicating. In fact, they can be integrated with surveillance cameras and other security measures. For example, you can instantly reach an employee who’s trying to enter a restricted area and remind them that it’s off-limits. Or, you can use intercom systems to limit access to certain areas. Your employees will need to ask permission via the intercom before they’re granted entry.

  1. Include video for your messages

Some intercom systems use cameras and speakers for video messages. This can prove useful if you want to highlight a specific defect in a product or if you want to interact face-to-face with your staff. Instead of using an app or connecting to a cloud-based program, you can just push a button and you can communicate via video instantly.

  1. Contact security personnel within seconds

Remote monitoring and security personnel are crucial for keeping your business assets safe. For added safety and protection, you can use an intercom system to contact them in the event of a security incident. Phones and radios are susceptible to interference (which criminals can use to their advantage) but with wired intercom systems, you can communicate with your guards clearly. This helps prevent incidents of both external and internal theft to your business.


Why use intercom systems for your business

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits to using an intercom system. Aside from providing seamless communication, you get added security features to better protect your assets. Make sure to choose a reputable security provider so they can install the right type of intercom system for your business.