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The Importance of CCTV Cameras in Public and Private Security

Whether you reside in a first-world or third-world country, you will notice that the number of security cameras in both private and public spaces increased dramatically in the last several years. These surveillance systems have become indispensable in any security management protocol. Not only do these CCTV cameras provide visual, recorded proof of crimes and terror attacks, but they also serve as a deterrent to prevent such activities from happening in the first place./

To further emphasize the importance of CCTV surveillance systems in modern times, take note that in 2016, 335,700 Australian homes were broken into. With the help of security cameras, the authorities can trace the burglars and apprehend them swiftly. Better yet, the presence of CCTV cameras will make the criminals think twice about whether to commit the act./

The use of CCTV cameras goes beyond private spaces. Nowadays, roads are adorned with cameras that are closely monitored in a central station. The live feed is an asset for traffic control, emergency response, and the investigation of vehicular accidents./


Developments In CCTV Technology

Advancements in surveillance technologies came at such a fast pace. Before, only black and white images were available for the authorities to review. Today, very clear and colored videos can be obtained, and this helps in expediting the investigations related to crime and terrorism.

Further developments were also seen in the past years, including weather-resistant and wide-angle units, infrared night vision, and remote access via a smartphone or tablet. All these technologies are available from Casa Security’s range of CCTV options, and the user can also select the storage capacity for HDD video recorders. Aside from these options, the quality of images can also be determined by selecting from the range of full high-definition cameras (from 1080P to 8MP).

Security VS Privacy

One of the most pressing dilemmas in the surveillance age is where to draw the line between security and privacy. The intention of security cameras is good, but what if these clips fall in the wrong hands? How about those cameras capable of facial recognition? What if the supplier puts a hidden monitoring device in your unit?

The best way to address the above questions is to get your surveillance system from a trusted supplier. There are vendors that are certified BOSCH partners. This will put the user at peace, knowing that they are in good hands.

After-sales service is also as important as the product itself. Getting a CCTV camera from a supplier that knows what they do and is quick to respond is a major plus. Do obtain your security camera needs from a provider with decades of experience in this stuff to ensure that you get the best possible solution.

Even if you can remotely access your CCTV cameras, this is not a guarantee that you can act quickly if any untoward incident occurs. Look for a vendor of security cameras that can do this for you any time of the day, seven days a week.

What’s In Store For CCTVs?

Aside from the advancements in the CCTV camera technology discussed above, other features were also made for discreet surveillance and monitoring. Dome, C-mount, and bullet-type cameras are some of the options an end-user can choose from. The Pan, Tilt, and Zoom (PTZ) is an added element to increase the coverage of the camera and enlarge the captured image.

Another benefit of installing security cameras that are not usually discussed is their effect on the insurance rates of a property. Whether you install a CCTV camera in a commercial or residential estate, the added security is considered when computing the premium for your insurance. The saved amount can be used as added capital in your business or for any other purposes.

During the ongoing pandemic, CCTV cameras proved to be crucial in contact tracing protocols. The identity of close contacts of suspected, confirmed, or probable cases were quickly verified. As a result, quarantine and isolation protocols were enforced appropriately and violators were apprehended on time.


How To Optimize The Potential Of CCTVs

The technology is only as good as its user. To get the most out of CCTV cameras, trained personnel in monitoring bases must be watching the feed closely. It would be pointless to invest in security cameras if the monitoring station is unmanned. This scenario is a sure way of a delayed response time, which can be crucial especially when a life is on the line.

Artificial intelligence and video analytics are also great additions to a security surveillance system. These features are proactive measures that can potentially prevent crimes and accidents.

Should You Install CCTV Or Not?

When put into good use, the benefits of CCTV cameras outweigh the security risks. The identities of the perpetrators in the Boston Marathon bombing were revealed immediately, largely due to the help of the CCTV cameras installed around the area. Crimes due to personal vendetta were also recorded in various countries, and the videos served as the prime evidence to convict the suspects.


By no means is a CCTV camera a substitute for security personnel. Surveillance and actual groundwork must work together for the best results.

In the end, the use of surveillance systems must be a concerted effort between the government, security agencies, and the general public. Policies regarding the areas that can be captured with videos must be well-defined, documented, and publicized.

In some cases, the faces of humans taken in the clip are masked to protect their identity. These measures ensure that there is a healthy balance between the safety and privacy of the population.