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The Role of Lighting in Deterring Home Security Threats

With crimes such as burglaries and home invasions always a threat to homeowners in Australia, adding levels of home security to deter criminals is always a wise course of action. High fences, CCTV cameras and alarm systems certainly play important roles, but one of the biggest deterrents to burglars is lighting.
Do lights deter burglars? Read on to discover more about the mind of a burglar and how installing a variety of security lights around your home can repel potential threats before they even get close to your home.

How a Burglar Thinks

The most common motivation for a burglar to target and break into a home is to find money or valuables that they can easily sell for a quick profit. Aside from cash, jewelry, electronics, phones and laptops are a popular bounty for petty criminals. Some burglars need quick cash to support a drug habit while others get high on the thrill of breaking and entering.

Burglars also want easy targets, where entry and exit are relatively easy, with little chance of being noticed or getting caught. While some burglars are opportunists, many take the time to stake out a neighborhood and select homes that look like ideal targets. If your home fits the bill, it will be observed for a few nights before the burglar strikes.

A burglar will target homes that appear unoccupied, have little or no security systems or cameras in place, homes that don’t have a dog, and homes where the exterior remains in darkness throughout the night.

Homeowners need to take steps to make their homes unappealing to burglars, and one very obvious way this can be achieved is with external security lighting. Lighting also gives the impression that someone is home, even if you’re out or away at the time.

How Lighting Safeguards Your Home

Just as people feel safer at night in well-lit areas, the typical burglar thinks the opposite. They feel most at ease under the cover of darkness. Therefore, a well-lit home makes the occupants feel safer while deterring nefarious individuals at the same time.

Lighting protects your property by providing light to those shadowy areas where a thief can easily hide. If you have sensor lights, for example, these will suddenly illuminate the front or backyard, causing a burglar to make a hasty retreat. Adding bright lights can also deter other threats, such as vandalism.

Security Lighting Positioning

While you will want to install security lighting in such a way that it illuminates all of the important areas, you’ll also need to be mindful of your neighbours when planning a lighting array. For example, sensor lights that are blazing into your neighbour’s yard or through their windows will not be appreciated.

Positioning is crucial so as not to annoy the neighbours and ensure you’re not leaving dark areas or blind spots that a burglar can hide in. You’ll always want your lighting designed in a pattern that doesn’t allow a thief to simply move around the lights. Motion sensor lights are best placed above garage doors or entrances to the home, while floodlights are most effective at illuminating the home’s perimeter when placed in the corners of the home. Lighting that works on a timer system is a practical solution to make your home appear ‘occupied’ while you’re away.

Aside from deterring criminals, exterior lighting offers some other benefits, such as providing enough illumination to prevent slip and fall accidents outside after dark, as well as being able to spot potential hazards. Most of all, having exterior security lighting around your home will give everyone peace of mind.

Let’s now take a look at the different types of lighting you can install to repel burglars.

Motion Sensor Lights

Rather than having certain external lights blazing continuously, motion sensor lights are very effective in surprising and deterring criminals, as well as conserving power and saving money on electricity bills. These lights have sensors located below the light that detects movement. The light is automatically activated when it detects motion. Motion sensor lights can be adjusted if they are too sensitive or not sensitive enough. There are many different types of motion sensor lighting, so it’s best to discuss your specific requirements with your security professional.

Dusk To Dawn Lighting

This type of lighting is very popular as it’s automatic. Sensors detect when the sun goes down and activate the lights. When the sun rises, the sensors also detect this and automatically switch the lights off. Dusk-to-dawn lights are great for when you’re away and are also very convenient, as you never have to remember to turn them on or off.


Floodlights are very bright lights that generally illuminate quite a large area. While you may not want a floodlight to be on all night, they are very effective in lighting up the yard if you suspect someone might be outside. Floodlights are often fitted with motion sensors, so they only switch on when necessary.

Subtle Garden Lighting

Strategically placing subtle garden lights throughout the front and backyard is a good way to keep the area illuminated. This type of lighting is also very aesthetically pleasing. When used in conjunction with various forms of security lighting, garden lights add to the overall lighting array in a practical and pleasing way.

Remote Access Lighting

With this type of lighting setup, you can activate your home’s security lighting system by using an app on your smartphone or tablet. Whether you’re out for the evening or away on vacation, you can switch your lights on or off at home at will.

Secure Your Home with Professional Security Services

To make your home more secure and to protect it against burglars, talk to the experts at Casa Security about security systems in Perth. Along with being able to advise of the right kind of security lighting for your home or business, we can also install state-of-the-art home security and alarm systems, pet-friendly sensors, CCTV camera systems and monitor your home 24/7 for your complete peace of mind.