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Three Surveillance Video Success Stories

In recent times, video surveillance has become an essential aspect of public safety. In particular, it has become how public safety officials respond to and even prevent crimes from occurring. 

Many cities and communities are joining the bandwagon by installing various forms of video surveillance solutions and wireless mesh networks to protect the citizens and maintain order. It has been proven countless times that video surveillance can deter perpetrators from committing a crime and help find criminals thanks to video evidence.

We’ve prepared a quick rundown of a few cities that have installed their state-of-the-art CCTV system and how they’ve gotten along.

1. Beijing

Beijing is the densely populated capital city of the People’s Republic of China. It is the first in our list of cities that have had success with its video surveillance solution installation and implementation. 

Aside from its large population, it is also a popular tourist destination. This means that it is also prone to petty crimes such as theft and robbery. However, thanks to their trailblazing surveillance system, the same can no longer be said about Beijing. 

The city’s surveillance system, nicknamed Sky Net, has been credited to curbing crime rates within the metropolis. Sky Net was first introduced in 2012. Over the years, it has received a number of upgrades.

In the first two years since its momentous installation, Sky Net saw an increase of 29% in the number of cameras operating in the city and protecting both tourists and citizens from crime. At present, the entire city enjoys surveillance coverage from the reliable Sky Net.

The city’s expansion and development into a tourist hub in Asia consequently increased people’s presence in public areas. This surge in numbers has pushed the public officials of Beijing to solidify and diversify their crime prevention efforts. This has also forced them to improve emergency services such as emergency calls and responses. 

Public crime has been hampered by the spread-out and watchful eyes of Sky Net. Aside from the sheer number of cameras, the surveillance system also uses equipment capable of zooming in and pinpointing perpetrators. This allows for easier identification and punishment.

2. New Rochelle

Situated a little ways away from the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple is New Rochelle. The city had a population of a little over one hundred thousand residents in 2010, making it the seventh-largest city in New York. 

Large cities and densely populated cities are where crimes take place. That is why the local police department of New Rochelle opted to install an ultramodern surveillance system to help in their efforts to keep the community safe and free from harm.

The local police department strengthened its crime prevention efforts and response tactics, thanks to strategically placed surveillance equipment. In fact, according to a news article from the New Rochelle Daily Voice, the surveillance system helped the police force of New Rochelle catch and apprehend shooters in the Bronx.

The department’s captain, Captain Joseph Schaller, pointed out the 37 strategically placed cameras and how they were able to help his officers determine where crimes occur because of the real-time footage the surveillance system offers. Not only that, the footage allowed the police force to intervene in possibly dangerous events. 

Captain Schaller is quoted to have said that cameras are one of the first things they consider in any case. He said that video footage is used in the courtroom as evidence against the defendant. More often than not, the video footage shows the crimes unfolding right before the entire courtroom’s eyes. 

Simply put, a reliable and strategically used video surveillance solution can be the key to attaining justice and a peaceful community. The police department of New Rochelle hopes to equip each car with a camera connected to a wireless video feed. They hope that this will enhance public safety efforts even more and protect the citizens of New Rochelle.

3. Mission

The police department of Mission, Texas, has its own “mission”: to serve and protect its constituents to the best of their abilities. To aid in their quest, the department implemented a wireless mesh topology in 2009. 

Captain Marvin Garza Jr. stated that this surveillance solution had been an invaluable help in keeping peace within his jurisdiction. On top of this, the technology is also relatively simple and easy to use and install.

Thanks to the wireless nature of the cameras, deployments are faster and installments easier. Cameras can be located in many strategic locations in the city. Captain Garza thinks that this sort of protection might not have been done with traditional wired surveillance work.

Aside from diverse and spread-out protection, Captain Garza also reported that emergency response times had been significantly lowered. The department has also reduced crime rates remarkably. In fact, in just the first week of installment, three crimes have been dealt with thanks to the cameras. 

Mission has over a thousand mesh nodes deployed, making the video stream a staple for the police department’s efforts in fighting and preventing crime.

The three cities mentioned above are prime examples of how surveillance systems can aid public officials in making their communities safer for their constituents. A safer community can mean happier residents, better income, and improved quality of life. 

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