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Understanding How Burglar Alarms Work

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Burglar alarms are a staple equipment in almost all business establishments. These tiny devices sound off an alarm in the event of an intrusion, thus notifying people within the vicinity that a break-in has occurred. Even private homes are installing burglar alarms as a means of fortifying their home security and deterring burglars from forcing entry into their property. Taking quick action is vital during a break-in and a burglar alarm allows you to do exactly that.

But how do burglar alarms work? How important are these devices in keeping Australian homes safe and protected? Today we’ll be discussing everything you need to know about burglar alarms and find out how these devices safeguard you and your property.

The basics of a burglar alarm system

A burglar alarm system is made up of different electrical components like motion detectors, window sensors, and door sensors.  These devices can detect movement and are triggered when a circuitry in the alarm breaks. One example is a window sensor which is comprised of a reed switch and a magnet. These two components create a closed circuit when in close proximity with each other. If one of these devices move away, the circuit breaks and a loud alarm sounds off.

The reed switch attaches to the window frame while the magnet is attached to the window itself. Door sensors operate under the same concept wherein the two components are attached to the top part of the door and triggers an alarm if the circuit is broken. Some of the more advanced sensors have enhanced safety features like built-in access codes so that tech-savvy burglars can’t manipulate the alarm.

Motion sensors on the other hand, work differently than their door and window counterparts. Photosensors (also known as active motion sensors) emit a light from one point to another. If the light gets blocked (i.e. when an intruder crosses its path), the alarm will trigger. Passive sensors use passive infrared sensors that are sensitive to infrared radiation. It detects body heat and abrupt temperature changes surrounding it. These types of devices are what you’ll find in most Australian homes although some have both active and passive sensors installed in their property for better all-around protection.

How a burglar alarm system functions

A burglar alarm system works by being connected to a control panel. This control panel enables you to both activate and deactivate the different sensors at any given moment using a special code or by turning off the panel itself. Modern technology has allowed homeowners to control their burglar alarm system remotely through a smartphone app developed by your chosen security systems provider.

You can then use your smartphone to receive notifications, set and unset alarms, and even sound off an alarm during an emergency situation. An external siren or horn is installed outside your property to alert you and your neighbours of a break-in and an internal bell goes inside your home to notify you of the incident.

Typically, your security systems provider will hook your burglar alarm system to an alarm monitoring center to provide increased protection for your property. The way it works is that when an alarm is triggered, the control panel sends a signal to the alarm monitoring centre. The operators will interpret those signals and attempt to make contact with you to verify the situation. If they receive no response, they’ll contact the local police to respond to your home immediately.

The advantages of burglar alarms

Aside from safeguarding your property, there are plenty of benefits to installing a burglar alarm in your establishment.

  1. Take long vacations without having to worry about your home

It’s tough to enjoy a holiday if you’re constantly worried about your property. This is where a burglar alarm system comes in. You get peace of mind knowing that you have a burglar system to potentially deter burglars. That way, you can fully relax and take long vacations without stressing about your home and your valuables.

  1. Cheaper insurance premiums

The more protected your property is, the less it’s at risk for losses and damages. Thieves won’t try to bother breaking into a home that has a burglar alarm system installed. Just the sight of it can make them think twice about attempting a break-in. Insurance companies see this as a positive because they are less likely to cover expensive expensive losses, thus leading to cheaper insurance premiums.

Of course this will depend on your particular provider, but you can potentially see a reduction in the cost of your premiums when you install a burglar alarm system in your establishment.

  1. Increases the value of your property

Burglar alarms safeguard both your property and your neighbourhood and these qualities are very desirable for property hunters. If ever the time comes you want to sell your property, your real estate agent can use the burglar alarm as a selling point to convince buyers. A burglar alarm system is a worthwhile investment and it will eventually pay itself in the long run when you do decide to sell your property in the future.

A burglar alarm is an essential component in today’s modern era. Thus, it’s crucial to understand how it works so you can keep it working in top condition. If you’re looking to improve your home security, consider having a burglar alarm system installed. It will protect you and your loved ones from unwanted break-ins and safeguard your most valuable possessions.