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Understanding What Intercom Systems are All About

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An intercom system is a network of devices that enable two-way communication via audio/video transmissions. These systems are commonly used in buildings, apartments, and business establishments for ease of communication between two or more parties. With the rise of cellular devices and digital telephone systems, intercom systems have been relegated to a somewhat outdated status.

But many businesses still use intercom systems and modern intercoms are loaded with new tech features that make them more useful than ever. Intercom systems are ideal for a wide variety of applications and come in many different types. Here we’ll be discussing each type of intercom system to see which ones best suit your needs.

  1. Wired intercom systems

Wired intercom systems are some of the most common intercoms around and date back to around the 1980’s. The audio signals are transmitted via 2-wire shielded or Cat-5/6 wires and are as reliable as they come. You don’t have to worry about other devices interfering with your communications because it transmits signals through an analogue connection. The message will remain clear and consistent each time you use it and you’ll enjoy better privacy between you and the person you’re talking to.

  1. Wireless intercom systems

Wireless intercom systems have superseded wired intercoms for two reasons. One is because it’s easier to install and two, you don’t have to deal with wires of any kind. Handheld radios and outdoor wireless call boxes are just some examples of devices used in wireless intercom systems. The downsides are it’s susceptible to interference and the conversation can be picked up by other devices that operate on the same frequency.

To remedy this issue, wireless intercoms are encrypted to prevent unauthorised access from external interferences.

  1. Video intercoms

Video intercoms feature a unit with a speaker and a camera for video transmissions. It’s a stand-alone intercom system that’s used to manage calls made at a building entrance for security purposes. The access is controlled by audiovisual communication between the person on the outside and the person on the inside. This enables the person indoors to verify the identity of the visitor prior to granting entry on the front door.

  1. Two-way radios

While two-way radios aren’t classified as intercoms, they are capable of communicating with base station intercoms. What this does is give you the flexibility of a fixed intercom along with a mobile radio that can communicate over long distances.

  1. Apartment intercoms

Apartment intercoms are quite similar to video intercoms in a way that they use video transmissions for communication. Each apartment/flat is equipped with a unit that enables the person inside to see who their visitors are. Once they’ve confirmed the person’s identity, they can proceed to open the door just by pushing a button.


Choosing the right intercom system for you

Having a good understanding of what intercom systems are will enable you to choose the correct type that fits your specific applications. If you’re unsure of which intercom works best for you, contact a reputable security systems provider so they can recommend the right solution.