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Wired security systems vs. wireless security systems – Which is best?

The technology used in security systems has completely revolutionised the industry and enabled homes and businesses to be better protected than ever before but certain elements of such technology are still up for debate, with one of the main ones being the various pros and cons between wired security systems and wireless security systems. The advantages or disadvantages of each system can broadly be termed as old vs new, with three main dividing factors between the two systems namely:

  • The way the sensors communicate with the main control panel

Wireless – Utilises sensors to link up with the main control panel with the use of radio frequency technology.

Wired – Communicates with the main control panel with wires concealed within the home or business premises.

  • The way in which the control panel notifies the monitoring centre

Wireless – Uses WIFI, 4G, 5G

Wired – Uses ethernet cable or telephone line

  • Equipment Power Source

Wireless – Battery powered

Wired – Conventional power outlet or wired into the property’s main electrical system


Although both wired and wireless security systems are, overall, very reliable, a constant electricity supply just about edges it in the reliability stakes, it is worth noting that the battery life for wireless security systems can extend to years and therefore represents a negligible difference in terms of reliability.

In terms of effective monitoring and communication, the wired option, again, just about comes out on top. A hardwired system that communicates through wires is generally more effective than a system that communicates through WIFI or cellular technology, although with the advent of 5G technology and the associated benefits, this may change. Those who reside or work in remote areas of Australia may need to wait a little longer to take advantage of the newest 5G technology as it is still in the process of being rolled out nationwide. 

A security system using WIFI may also be prone to the occasional ‘drop out’, meaning that routers and other elements of the system that operate via WIFI may need resetting. At the time of writing, the range of the WIFI may also pose a problem for those with larger homes or those who need to monitor business premises. This, again, may change with new technologies, but the wired option looks like a better choice for larger settings. 


Most of the aforementioned pertinent points regarding reliability are also relevant to security. Wireless systems have the potential to be hacked by tech-savvy criminals, this is also a consideration that should be taken into account when deciding whether to buy a wired or wireless security system. Although the software employed in the design of wireless security systems to safeguard against hacking is getting more effective all the time, those with criminal intent are also becoming more effective in breaching system defences. 

Although wired systems are not immune to being breached by those with malevolent intent, it takes a lot more physical effort to cut off the power completely or cut through concealed wires than it does to hack a system remotely. 


The cost of a hardwired security system may be cheaper overall, particularly for homeowners, due to the relatively easy task of installing cables into the existing electrical system. One element concerning wired systems concerning cost is the labour charges plus the materials and extra cabling that may be needed for the installation. While the hardware used for wireless security systems is more expensive, they are generally easier to install. If you would like more information on the cost of security systems in Perth, we invite you to get in touch and have an informal chat with one of our team. Whatever your budget may be we are confident we can find you a security system that ticks absolutely all the boxes. 

Which system is right for you?

The question of whether a wired or wireless system best suits your needs depends on a number of factors including the size of the area, your budget and what type of property you have. Strictly speaking, both wired and wireless security systems have their merits and offer effective solutions for residential homes and commercial premises.

If you need help assessing which is better, wired or wireless systems, the team at Casa Security are happy to help and provide some recommendations on request. Our longstanding experience within the security sector enables us to provide tailored advice based on your specific security requirements. Your security and well-being are our main priorities when it comes to recommending the best security system and as such we will provide advice to help you pick the right one for you. Call today and let us share our security knowledge with you.