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Zone Alarm Systems: Maximising Home Security with Strategic Placement

When it comes to the serious business of home security, zone alarm systems are a modern, high-tech solution allowing comprehensive property coverage and spectacular ease of use. In this article, we have gathered the thoughts of our experienced team of experts here at Casa Security on how to maximise your home’s security with the strategic placement of sensors and equipment.

What are zone alarm systems?

A zone alarm system is a network of sensors and other equipment around your home or business connected to and monitored by a central hub. They are split into zones to make it easier to see at a glance where any sounding alarm is emanating from and can also inform you which type of sensor has been triggered. Your actions after hearing the alarm will vary based on this information. If you see and hear a smoke alarm, you will behave differently than one informing you a window has been opened.

Security cameras

Perhaps the most essential tools in your arsenal are security cameras, allowing you to monitor all areas of your property, creating a powerful deterrent. However, any successful home security strategy requires optimal security camera placement to maximise effectiveness.

Optimal security camera placement

  • Be sure to cover the entire perimeter of the property

You will want to place your security cameras in such a way that every part of the property can be seen and there are no hidden areas.

  • Entraces and exits

Monitoring all entrances and exits is the best way to keep a record of everyone who enters and leaves the building. This can be invaluable after any untoward incident, helping clear up any inconsistencies or doubts about individuals’ movements.

  • Tip: It may sound obvious, but don’t forget to place cameras allowing you to monitor both sides of each door

Install security cameras in inaccessible locations

When placing your security cameras, it pays to think not only about the view the camera will offer but also its accessibility should any outsider decide to try and interfere with it. High and clear of any nearby climbing points is best, but each situation is bound to be vastly different.

Higher cameras have the added advantage of providing better coverage, but this is only true up to a point. If your security cameras are too high, any recorded footage will lack detail and definition, perhaps making it less admissible in case of prosecutions. Optimal security camera placement dictates your cameras should be high enough to get a good view and deter tampering but not so high they cannot provide clear, defined images.

  • Tip: Don’t neglect the camera’s wire in your placement decision-making process

There will be no need to climb up and incapacitate a camera if its wire, or that of the router linking them all to the hub, runs directly to a spot where it can easily be snipped. Consider wireless cameras as a modern upgrade and never leave your router wire open to sabotage.

Employ a strategy of both visible and hidden cameras

Visible cameras are a great way to deter criminal activity before it even begins, but hidden ones are much better at catching those crimes that do happen regardless. Visible cameras are essential but are vulnerable to intentional damage, so install hidden cameras to back up your obvious ones, ensuring you have maximum coverage at all times.

Provide sufficient lighting

If an area is dimly lit, standard security cameras will struggle to see any activity clearly, so it’s important to ensure all areas are sufficiently well-lit, or you may prefer to install night-vision cameras. Light has the added bonus of being a great deterrent to anybody intent on snooping around, so don’t be afraid to splash the area with light or install movement-sensitive lights to save energy.

Ensure secluded/restricted areas have ample coverage

Dark, secluded areas are a natural spot for any suspicious activities or potential intruders, so it is important to remove that sense of seclusion and secrecy. A combination of tactical lighting and well-placed security cameras can render any hidden area much less attractive to linger in for any reason.

Do not neglect areas of high footfall

Of course, the stereotypical cat burglar always dons a black suit and mask and finds a way to sneak into your property after dark like some budget-level ninja. But the reality is much different. Modern thieves are much more likely to be opportunistic ones who see their chance, strike quickly, and flee, often in broad daylight.

Monitoring secluded areas remains an important element of any optimal security camera placement, but areas of high traffic must also have full coverage. Remember, security cameras are not only there to prevent crime and deter those with bad intentions. They represent a vital tool of information and understanding after problematic incidents, emergencies or otherwise. Your strategy should be to cover all areas of your home or business, even the busiest ones.

Zone alarm systems

If you are wondering how best to protect your property and its inhabitants from dangerous situations of all kinds, the zonal alarm system is something you should consider very carefully. Some of the sensors and equipment you can employ in your zonal system include:

  • Smoke detectors
  • Motion sensors
  • Door/window sensors
  • Security cameras
  • Baby monitors

Information is king when it comes to home security, and the zone system gives you all you need. It can even be sent directly to your phone if you choose the most cutting-edge security solutions. Protecting yourself and your loved ones has never been easier or more comprehensive.

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