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The Benefits of a Workplace Access Control System


Besides performance output, financial stability, and the bottom line, security remains the top priority for businesses in any industry. This is especially true as nowadays, thieves are becoming ever more clever and sophisticated, acquiring new tools and developing new strategies to break through security barriers that leave valuable information, equipment, and money wide open and ripe for the picking. Security solutions firms, of course, stand on the front lines to protect business property, clashing with thieves in an unending arms race that rages on to this day.

Although busineses will likely never be immune to theft, break-ins, and similar crimes, business owners are not powerless to change that outcome. Just as thieves have tools for breaking into places, business owners have a variety of security systems available on the market that can simply be purchased off the shelf. Perimeter fences, CCTV surveillance systems, and electronic door locks are all very effective security measures, and we recommend that just about every workplace have electronic locks and a surveillance system as a minimum for a solid overall security system. However, all of these security measures do have a major drawback – that is, they are only really designed to deter thieves, but can’t do much more other than watch once the thief has broken through.

So is all hope lost for businesses everywhere? Not really. Although we’ve mentioned quite a few already, we have yet to scratch the surface on the massive variety of security solutions available on the market today. The key here is to purchase an active security system (a system that actually takes action in response to a break-in or theft) as opposed to a passive one. Surveillance cameras, and door locks are, on their own, passive security measures, but the point of our discussion today is an active security measure that not only offers a ton of benefits on its own, but also integrates with other devices to create a truly robust network: electronic access control.

The principle behind access control is not that much different from good old locks and keys, in which you give certain people access to certain areas by giving them keys to specific locks. Knowing this, you can probably put two and two together. Electronic access control systems make use of modern technology to take the lock and key idea even further, adding a bunch of features that can make operations more streamlined and convenient for both supervising staff and employees. Most if not all of these systems consist of three main components: keycards that store authorisation credentials for the card holder, electronic door locks, and a central computer that manages these door locks and tracks which keycards are being used on which door locks. This network, as well as any extra features added to the system, give electronic access control systems a lot of benefits that can be utilised by all sorts of businesses. Some of the most significant example are discussed here:

  • Easy Installation and Maintenance: Most electronic access control systems in Perth are trivial to set up and install in any workplace, ane can be easily integrated into a work area with already existing physical locks and electrical wiring. There are also some access control systems that are wireless, in which the electronic door locks communicate with the central computer over low-power WiFi or Bluetooth radio, allowing the locks to run on battery power without too much trouble. This feature is particularly useful as it allows for a greater degree of flexibility, especially when you need to install the access control system in a space that could not accommodate additional wiring, such as in old or historical buildings. And because the electronic door locks communitcate using low power protocols, they can last for over a month on a single battery that can be easily replaced, making maintenance and replacement of broken lock units convenient and hassle free.
  • Fast Customisation and Reconfiguration: After installing the hardware, the software of most modern access control systems is also designed with convenience and ease of use in mind, so business owners who are not particularly tech-savvy will have no trouble setting up and configuring access credentials without too much trouble. A majority of such software can easily change the authorisation credentials of all keycards that operate within the system, granting and revoking access to certain locked areas that require a higher level of authorisation. The system will also be able to track the use of keycards throughout the workplace, logging all interactions between keycards and door locks and recording them in the central computer for later reviewing should the need arise.
  • High Security and Redundancy: Because of the significant role that these systems play in the workplace, electronic access conrtol systems are designed with preventative and reactive security measures that trigger automatically to prevent data breaches and the like. For example, should anything suspicious happen – say, a door lock was broken – the central computer will notice this and immediately initiate a lockdown order to prevent thieves from gaining access to more critical areas. Should the central computer be compromised, some systems also include a feature that allows the computer to initiate a similar lockdown command before shutting itself down, preventing access to any of the data stored in the computer itself.
  • Integration with Other Security Measures: Besides its flexibility in terms of installation and set-up procedures, one of the most importanht features of most electronic access control systems is its flexibility in terms of integration. Most such systems available today communicate over a secured WiFi connection, allowing it to work with other WiFi-enabled security measures such as surveillance cameras and alarm systems to create a virtually foolproof security system. For example, if a thief manages to break in through the front door of the workplace, the central computer of the access control system can lock down all other locks within the workplace to prevent access to other areas. If integrated with other systems, the central computer can, for instance, trigger the alarm system to alert law enforcement.

With all of the things that an electronic access control system can do, it is hard not to recommend it for all businesses of all sizes in all industries. Should you decide to make the investment, Casa Security is the brand to call, with our phone lines ready to take calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us now at 08-9460-5716 for a no-obligation quote for your business today!