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5 Creative Ways to Use Your Security Cameras

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Over the past decade, the number of security cameras in Australia has doubled to 1 million, meaning that homeowners are becoming increasingly aware of their home safety. Security cameras are great for monitoring key areas of your home as well as deterring would-be burglars from breaking inside your property. With the peace of mind that … Read more

A Complete Guide to Vandal-proof Security Cameras

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Security cameras are by far and away the most common type of security device meant to improve home safety. These devices have long been used to add a layer of protection to properties and establishments against burglary, theft, and other criminal activities. But while security cameras do a good job of keeping your home safe, … Read more

How to Choose Between a Dome Camera and a Bullet Camera

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Security cameras in Perth come in many different shapes and sizes. Some cameras are round and compact while others are long and cylindrical in appearance. Choosing the right camera for your applications is crucial to ensuring a well-rounded security system. The two most common security cameras today are dome cameras and security cameras. The question … Read more

What to Do When Your Home Alarm Goes Off for No Reason

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Home alarms have one important task: to sound off when there’s a security breach. Most of the time they function reliably, but there are instances where the alarm goes off for no apparent reason. When this happens, you want to get to the root of the problem as soon as possible. Otherwise, you’ll end up … Read more

How to Teach Your Kids About Security Systems

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Installing a security system is one of the best ways to ensure a great level of safety for your family. As your children age and become capable of staying home by themselves, they’ll need to learn how to operate your security system at some point in the future. This is very important as not only … Read more

5 Tactics You Can Use to Deter Burglars

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For many Australians, keeping their homes safe from the likes of burglars and thieves are one of their top priorities. And it should be because according to Budget Direct, around 2.4% of Australian households experienced a break-in between 2018 to 2019. Most experts recommend installing a security system as a means of fortifying your home … Read more

How Fast Should Your Internet Be to Support an IP Camera?

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IP cameras are one of the latest in terms of connected home devices. Not only do they offer higher video quality than analog cameras, but they also provide better zoom-in capabilities. But since these types of cameras require a Wi-FI connection, you may want to pay attention to how fast your internet speed is. A … Read more

Choosing Between a Local vs. a National Security Company

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So you’ve decided to invest in a security system for your new home. Congratulations! You just made a smart decision in protecting your most important assets. The question now is, which alarm company should you choose? When it comes to choosing an alarm company, you generally have two options; work with a local security company … Read more

Top Home Security Tips for Women Who Live Alone

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Living independently can be great. You get to make your own decisions, your home becomes your exclusive living space, and you live a life of freedom that feels exciting and enjoyable. While there are many perks to living alone, there are a couple of downsides as well. Security risks are one of the main concerns … Read more