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Choosing Between a Local vs. a National Security Company

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So you’ve decided to invest in a security system for your new home. Congratulations! You just made a smart decision in protecting your most important assets. The question now is, which alarm company should you choose? When it comes to choosing an alarm company, you generally have two options; work with a local security company near you or work with a well-known national security company.

Your first thought would be to choose the latter because a national security company is well-established and you can easily search for their products and services. But that may not always be the case as there are a couple of benefits to working with a local security company that not too many people know about.

In this article, we’ll be citing 5 reasons why choosing a locally-owned security company is better for meeting your security needs compared to a national security company.

  1. Low-pressure sales

If there’s one thing that major alarm companies are known for, it’s that their products and services revolve around high-pressure sales. While it’s understandable that a huge business implements hard selling techniques to increase profit, it usually doesn’t sit well with most consumers.

The good news is that with a local alarm company, you don’t get pushy and assertive service. While they want to do business just as much as the bigger companies, their focus is to provide you with a fair and quality service. They want you to choose their company not because you feel obliged, but because you trust in their products and you think of it as a worthy investment.

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  1. Custom installation

National alarm companies deal with hundreds of clients on a daily basis. This means they may focus less on giving you a tailor-made service and offer their packaged products instead. When you call a major alarm company, their goal is to sell a security system over the phone. They sell to you just like they do with everyone else; secure a deal and move on to the next customer.

This isn’t the case with a local security company. Because local alarm companies are invested in their communities, they take the time to address the unique needs of their clients. They understand that each home or business is different and they require custom installation to ensure maximum security.

This, in turn, results in a no-compromise alarm system that fully addresses every weak point of your property.

  1. Faster after-sales support

National companies are known for their quick and speedy installation service. That’s one of the main benefits of working with an established company. However, the same thing cannot be said for their after-sales support. Since they work with thousands of clients, they may not be able to attend to their needs immediately. You might request for technical support and it may take over a week for them to get back, leaving you with gaps in your home security if you do happen to encounter any issues.

Local alarm companies have fewer customers which allows them to cater to their needs almost immediately. If you happen to experience any troubles with your alarm system, the local technicians are nearby to assist you with repairs right away.

Smaller companies tend to take care of their existing customers better than larger companies and this is one reason why you may find a local alarm company to perform much better in regards to after-sales support.

  1. No automated phone lines

We’ve all been there before. You call an alarm company for assistance and all you hear is an automated phone system that tells you to “press 1 for this” or “press 2 for that”. And before you know it, you’ve already hung up the phone because no one is responding to your inquiries. This experience can be extremely frustrating and is something that a major security company may find themselves guilty of.

Local alarm companies have a dedicated staff that answers calls in real-time. Some even have 24/7 customer support so you can receive the assistance you need at any point in time. There’s no need to jump through hoops just to get technical support as you will be able to hear from them the moment you dial their number.

  1. Professional and caring staff

Unlike national security companies, local security companies are more likely to be invested in the well-being of their clients and their community. They make sure their products/services cater to the needs of the locals and their monitoring services are performed at the highest standards to provide the utmost safety and peace of mind.

Another thing worth mentioning is that your hometown alarm company works alongside local law enforcement and community organisations so they can offer you as much protection as possible. Combine these with a professional and caring staff, and you can guarantee excellent customer support along with high-quality products and services.