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Is Your Home Protected with a Home Alarm System?

Do you want an easy and efficient way to keep your home safe and secure?

In Australia, home break-ins cost everyday people and insurance companies roughly $700 million each year, which isn’t surprising considering 55% of Australians admit they sometimes forget to lock the front door before going to bed.

Home Alarm System

While extra vigilance can reduce the number of break-ins each year, taking additional security measures is the best way to keep your property safe, and if anything does go wrong, you would have security CCTV footage to back-up your insurance claim.

Thankfully, 39% of Australians who are interested in home automation systems believe security features are the biggest benefit. So, if you’re interested in an automated home security system, or would just like to learn more about what extra security measures you can take in and around your property, talk to us today!

Here at Casa Security, we’re constantly introducing new products to our repertoire to ensure Australian homes are benefitting from the latest and greatest security alarm systems with apps to put you in control of the features available now.

With a keen focus on both residential and commercial security systems, Casa also works within the government sector in W.A. We help to analyse and reduce the prevalence of break-ins, by contributing data to the relevant authorities, while also monitoring day-to-day operations of businesses, as required.

Casa Security is co-located with our Grade 1A Central Monitoring Station in Malaga and has been providing quality service for 18 years in Perth. As a wholly Western Australian company with an energetic new management team, Casa is a member of the national regulatory body – ASIAL and also a Bosch Security Certified Partner (BSCP).

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