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Pets as Deterrents: The Unexpected Security Benefits of Having a Dog or Cat

Not only are pets extended members of our families, but they can also provide security benefits and act as effective deterrents to theft and vandalism. Your furry friend might seem friendly on the surface, but when confronted with a stranger or alarmed by an intruder, their protective instincts kick in, teeth and claws and all. Sometimes, their noise alone could be the deciding factor in a potential thief aborting their mission. In this blog, we’ll explore the unexpected security benefits of having a dog or cat.

How can a pet protect your assets?

  • Noise
  • Physical presence
  • Scent
  • Loyalty


We’ve all been woken at night by the neighbour’s dog barking randomly. Nine times out of ten, it’s nothing, just a shadow that may have spooked them or a dream that may have startled them. Nonetheless, a dog’s bark is the first thing that will make a potential burglar think twice. The size of the dog doesn’t really matter in this case either. Bigger dogs will often have deeper growls and a more resonant bark, but smaller dogs, like Chihuahuas or terriers, are known for their fiery temperaments and incessant yapping. This is often more than effective in not only scaring away burglars but ensuring the whole neighbourhood knows about it too.

When it comes to cats, they might not be as aggressively noisy as dogs, but they certainly possess an audible hiss that is enough to send shivers up any intruder’s spine.

Physical presence

Dogs and cats are often treated as extended members of the family, and we treat them as one of our own. We often buy toys or playthings for them as we would a child and modify our homes to give them easier access, with things such as cat flaps and dog flaps. Toys left in the garden are sometimes enough of a warning to a potential thief that an animal lives in the house, so much so that they will rarely risk getting closer to check its size. If they do miss the bones or rope toys that might be lying around, hopefully, they won’t miss the animal’s entrance points which should be enough to stop them in their tracks. Let’s not forget the stories of thieves attempting to gain entry through cat flaps and getting stuck, leaving them to the mercy of the animals themselves. So, leaving toys around the place that indicate the physical presence of your pet will hopefully avert a face-to-face encounter.

Bigger dogs such as German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Dobermans, Akitas, and Rhodesian Ridgebacks are commonly bred as security dogs due to their physical size and presence. They are also very responsive to specialist training and relied on to detect even the slightest disturbances or changes in scent, often alerting their handlers or owners well before a potential crime has taken place. We certainly wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of one of these breeds in the dead of night protecting a property.


This one might seem a little bizarre, but it certainly has its merits. Dogs and cats are very territorial and will often distribute their scent around their property to clearly mark their boundaries. In the case of rural or agricultural properties that may house livestock such as chickens or sheep, this can be an effective deterrent against carnivorous pests such as foxes- by the time the chickens alert the dogs or cats, it might be too late. Opportunistic animals will avoid entering the boundaries of a property that has been marked by a four-legged occupant, well aware of the boundaries. This silent security benefit is certainly unexpected and often overlooked, but it is very effective in deterring four-legged pests.


We all know that dogs and cats are fiercely loyal. From the tiniest toy Pomeranian to the biggest, beefiest St. Bernard, from a slender Siamese to a timid tabby, our furry companions dote on us with all of their beings. We know after a rough day, we can come home, and they will always be happy to see us. Your home is their home, and they do not take kindly to intruders or strangers. Sometimes their ears will prick up, or their heckles will rise at the slightest thing, something you might not have even heard, reminding you that they are always alert and ready to protect you.

Their animal instincts are highly tuned to people’s scents, and they’ll recognise an intruder instantly, switching to protective mode in a flash. Not only are they armed with barks and hisses, but they also come equipped with sharp teeth and claws, which are an extremely effective last resort. Cats are known to aim for eyes when they swipe with their razor-sharp claws, and some breeds of dogs are bred to clamp their jaws with ferocious power. Even small dogs will give a nasty nip requiring medical attention. This can provide much-needed reinforcement for home or business owners who are averse to physical confrontation.

There’s a reason that dogs are considered man’s best friend- whether little or large, their love for their owners is huge, and they will often lay down their lives to protect the people who care for them. Certain breeds, such as Labradors, are also notoriously protective of children, so it can be a good idea to introduce a puppy when they are young to create a lifelong bond.

In summary

Dogs and cats are always there for us when we have bad days with their unconditional love. We are blessed to have them as friends, companions and extra security – there’s a reason they have been our companions since as far back as Egyptian times, steadfast and loyal. So, whether it’s a hiss, bark, growl or swipe, your furry friends provide many unexpected security benefits. When paired with Casa’s security systems in Perth, such as cameras and alarms, your house and assets are as safe as they could possibly be.